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Ebitspace, A Unique Social Media Platform To Boost International Trade With Its Crypto Currency

The World’s First multitasking social media network platform powered by Ebitspace coin Ebitspace, a unique social media concept which is tailored to the crypto community, seeks to disrupt the modern social media model by incorporating essential financial tools with the use of cryptocurrencies. The Ebitspace Platform appears to be the missing link in mass cryptocurrency adoption. Users get rewarded in Ebitspace coin for registering on the website. Ebitspace coin is now on sale at a discount of $.70. “The world has been inadequately armed with the modern financial tools necessary for self-empowerment; we wanted to bring this idea to Internet...

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Jazzgroupiez seeks to engage the next generation with millinaissance EP

Renowned jazz website proudly announce to the public the release of their debut EP tagged millinaissance. The EP which is a brief journey through bebop, smooth jazz, and modern jazz; with the lead single NOCHINY, which is an Ode to New Orleans, Chicago and New York where jazz was born and raised. The millinaissance EP was released for public consumption on the 29th December 2017 on CD Baby and January 3, 2018 on iTunes and all digital formats. Millinaissance which was intended to be a mixtape with other jazz music acts but early in the process the concept was changed to release instrumentals...

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Biodiversity and Open Data: new methods of environmental protection! said Grégory Labrousse, leading nam.R, a French company specializing in energy efficiency.

Is machine learning the future of species conservation? The grouping of data related to biodiversity by museums and the development of big data solutions are driving this trend. The role of big data in matters related to biodiversity is increasing. A living being leaves a huge amount of data that is hard to conceive for the human mind. This is something that excites researchers in this field. Following the same trend, natural history museums are building their databases and opening them for the general public. Grégory Labrousse The Natural History Museum in London and its “counterpart”, the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, have provided...

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“X-MALE” From UniCoPro LLC Naturally Boosts Testosterone Levels With Scientifically Researched Ingredients

Testosterone booster “X-MALE” now Available in the global market for enhanced performance UniCoPro LLC, the producer, and marketer of numerous leading health and wellness supplements has launched “X-MALE”, the newest addition to its product lineup. The supplement has testosterone boosting properties achieved through a unique blend of ingredients. This new product has been shown to provide solutions for men who suffer from low testosterone levels. The significant differences between X-MALE and its competitors are its proven results and the fact that it contains only natural ingredients. Do you know each and every year after your thirtieth birthday, you will...

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The Spodek Law Group of Queens is a top pick, and well known, divorce and matrimony law firm for all issues related to family law and more. They are one of Queen’s County’s oldest divorce law firms, with over 50 years of experience. Residents of Queens can trust them– with offices throughout NYC and Long Island, to service their needs. They treat each and every client like a member of their family. It’s what separates them from the competition. Their divorce law firm has offices in Queens, and throughout New York. In addition to handling divorce cases, they can...

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