An artful collection of 20,000 unique NFTs of the Presidents

PARIS, FRANCE, December 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ —, a platform of the Presidents NFT collection, is immensely glad to announce that the minting phase of the project is live. The collection includes well-known Presidents from the rough times of the Cold War to the reputable cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations of today’s world.

The Presidents” is a hand-drawn portrait collection of 20,000 unique, rare, and powerful Presidents of various countries and renowned blockchain-based entities. There are 50 Presidents available on the platform with exclusive attributes, including sunglasses, laser eyes, and suits, meaning each piece is unique and does not resemble another. The Token ID and Rarity Rank are allocated for every NFT to classify them as rare, super rare, and one-of-a-kind NFTs.

The platform is built with the robust base of the Binance Smart Chain network. Being an independent blockchain network, it assures the users in the ecosystem with native interoperability, increased scalability, ultra-fast transaction speed, and minimal gas fees. Additionally, the platform will be releasing cross-chain opportunities to allow minted President NFTs to be listed on Ethereum based marketplaces, such as the popular OpenSea.

To capitalize the market advantages of the NFTs, the platform implements play-to-earn games under the concept of “GameFi.” By participating in the fun-filled and competitive blockchain games, the users will receive governance tokens of the platform, which can be used to boost in-game skills of the Presidents and vote on the governance system. The perk of play-to-earn games is that they give out rewards not only for winning but simply for participating in the game. Every President NFT bestows access to the brand-new ecosystem, which is completely loaded with GameFi opportunities, governance tokens, staking opportunities, and decentralized systems. It is mandatory to hold at least 3 President NFTs to participate in their first game, and the winners will be rewarded with a lucrative prize of $250,000, on top of the governance token.

It doesn’t stop here. By minting the Presidents NFTs, the users can avail of access to the privileged cashback pools. The platform offers “small” and “big” pools depending on the number of minted Presidents. A cashback of 3-7% of the minting fund will be provided in the form of BNB once all the 20,000 NFTs are sold. Additionally, every user has the possibility to receive a personal referral link, that will give back 10% of all purchases to the user whose link is used to mint President NFTs.

Become an early adopter of the exclusive President NFTs to gain access to profitable and fun opportunities of making passive income through participation and support for the project.

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