A Quick, Easy way to Make Your DIY Box.

NEW YORK, NY, March 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — When packaging a product or a gift, you need a package box, but making it yourself can lead to unnecessary stockpiling. Most manufacturers have a minimum production quantity, so you can’t make just the amount you need. This unnecessary inventory can cause both financial and environmental damage. Mosery Stapler, which is launched on Kickstarter, will solve this problem by allowing you to make just the amount of package boxes you need, without any unnecessary inventory.

Unlike a regular stapler, which is used on flat paper, Mosery Stapler is specifically designed for stapling corners. Simply align each corner with the 90-degree stapler entry and press the handle, and a box will be completed in just four easy steps. Compared to making a regular box by using glue, you can make boxes much more efficiently and quickly.

With Mosery Stapler, you can make completely custom boxes in the material and size of your choice, reflecting your own creativity and ideas. In addition, you can save costs by making the exact amount you need and create boxes with minimal paper waste compared to regular boxes that require glue or folding.

Moreover, you can make boxes with only paper and staples without any chemicals like glue or tape, which means you can recycle used papers to make new boxes, making it sustainable and eco-friendly.

Mosery Stapler can handle up to 1.5mm of regular cardboard and 3mm of corrugated cardboard, and by utilizing a “jig” at the entry of the product, you can perform stapling at a fixed interval from 5mm to 15mm, ensuring high-quality packaging box production.

A representative of Cornervery, the manufacturer of Mosery Stapler, said, “We are researching eco-friendly packaging for sustainable business, and Mosery Stapler is one of our many efforts. We will continue to develop business models that integrate sustainability into essential products and promote eco-friendly business.”

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