A journey through tragedy and triumph

WINSTON-SALEM, NC, August 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Author, Entrepreneur, EFT Practitioner, and Multi-Passionate Creative, Tamika Wells releases her first memoir “Into the Soul of a Woman: A Poetic Journey From Tragedy to Triumph.”

In “Into the Soul of a Woman: A Poetic Journey From Tragedy to Triumph,” Author Tamika Wells sends readers on a literary journey through tragedy and triumph in the multi-faceted art and experience of a WOMAN. This book was crafted to reveal and redeem. This means, it may shed light on dark, unspoken places and circumstances. Although a variety of emotions may be exposed, it will also allow an opportunity for healing and assisting individuals on becoming whole down to their core, and down in their soul. Readers may need a box of tissues, a friend to call or a counseling appointment to sort through the emotions, the triggers these poems will raise. The good news is, as readers take the journey with the author through each poem of the book, the ending will bring forth a reminder, you as an individual will be just fine! Travel with Wells as she processes through tough experiences in Love & Relationships, The Family Tree, Emotions, Faith, Her Craft and Parenting & Protecting Legacy, and the power of being More Than a Woman.

When asked what makes this memoir so special for its readers, Tamika states “I’ve planned to release a book since 2009 but life and child rearing took precedence. Finally, after all the appalling incidents in 2020, and 2021, I knew it was time to speak up. I want people to know that what we are facing is hard but there are solutions. There are resources, hope and help for those who feel overwhelmed. This book should say, “I understand. I hear you and there’s hope.”

“Into the Soul of a Woman: A Poetic Journey From Tragedy to Triumph” is available now on Amazon and autographed copies can be purchased at https://www.tamikawells.com/services.

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Tamika Wells is an American author, poet and multi-passionate creative, gifted in prophetic empathy. Her written and spoken word superpower lies in her innate ability to empower women who are powerful in public but face life circumstances that make them feel pitiful in private. While managing several budding entrepreneurial ventures, Tamika is the CEO and Master Certified Professional Coach of Elevate Her Coaching programs. In addition, she is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner; through her firm, Honey Tree Healing, Tamika helps clients heal the love relationship with self and others, breaking recurring cycles of abusive and unhealthy relationship patterns including those of sexual trauma. Her programs are rooted in clients’ abilities to experience new transformations, mutually beneficial relationships and even better financial outcomes. Tamika is mother to her adult son and resides in North Carolina with her two kittens, Goodness and Mercy.

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