Motiva, a philosophical art piece, signed by Warren Buffett and featuring some of his most memorable quotes, was won in the auction by an anonymous bidder who graciously donated the Motiva to Girls Inc. of Omaha.

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 31, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The auction, which took place through eBay from August 20th – August 30th was part of Motiva’s ‘Motiva for a Cause’, an initiative to make the world a better place through the power of words and art. Motiva’s founder, Ronen Shilo, made a statement regarding the auction saying “we’re grateful for this opportunity to partner with Girls Inc. of Omaha as we introduce Motiva to the world through the Warren Buffett Motiva. We couldn’t be happier knowing that all proceeds from this auction will support Girls Inc. of Omaha’s valued contribution in preparing the world for the girls and girls for the world.” The Motiva was auctioned off at $75,100 with the winning bidder choosing to stay anonymous and donating the Buffett Motiva to Girls Inc. of Omaha.

Girls Inc. of Omaha stated that “we are so very grateful for the funds raised through the special Motiva auction, funds that will help us achieve our mission of ‘inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.’ As much gratitude as we have for the financial support, we are even more grateful for the exposure and messaging that went along with the auction. So many folks reached out with questions, wanting to learn more. When people learn more about Girls Inc., many more lives are changed for the better. Thanks to Motiva and to all who participated in the auction.”

Motiva, is a patented concept blending technology and design to present quotes in the most inspiring way. This new high-tech way to display fine art and philosophy has managed to capture the attention of Warren Buffett. Buffett signed a Motiva featuring a photograph of himself and displaying several of his most famous quotes.

While appearing as a traditional piece of art – Motiva comes to life, slowly illuminating quotes that are hidden within its unique letter grid, complemented by striking artwork. The result is a new type of art that hangs on your wall.

“We’ve essentially invented a new form of expression for artists and thought leaders,” says Ronen Shilo, the founder of Motiva. “Each Motiva is unique as it captures the essence of the artist or thought leader through keywords hidden within its distinctive letter grid”

Warren Buffett is the first to headline a ‘Motiva for a Cause’ fundraiser event, while many more are in the works.


Girls Inc. of Omaha is a favorite non-profit agency of the Buffett family. Warren’s first wife, the late Susan T. Buffett, was an early supporter of the agency and his daughter Susie Buffett has served on the Girls Inc. local and national boards.

Girls Inc. of Omaha is a social service agency that incorporates an array of educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to inspire girls aged 5 to 18 to be “strong, smart, and bold.”


Motiva was founded in 2019 by Ronen Shilo, a hi-tech entrepreneur, as a result of his love for quotes and deep appreciation to design which was then fully realized into a multi-faceted product fusing art, design, and technology. Recognized as a philosophical art on your wall, an original design concept was created where the algorithm visually compresses inspiring quotes into a unique letter grid that remains hidden and reveals themselves from within the paper at the right moment. We have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned names such as Warren Buffett, world renowned illustrator Malika Favre, Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, and many more.

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