W. Michael Murray, Retired Navy Veteran and Author of A Week in Vietnam, Shares a Passionate Story Depicting Life in Vietnam in the 1970’s

AUSTIN, TX, November 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In celebration of the Veteran’s Day holiday honoring our service members, author W. Michael Murray has received accolades from numerous former military personnel receiving praise for his published work, A Week in Vietnam, which portrays the real-life experience for those stationed in Vietnam during the 70’s. During this time American families were down to their very last nerve, loved one’s check marked their calendar every day when their family members were not home, sometimes for a year at a time and most importantly American casualties were not only in the battlefield.

The truth of the matter is that 85% of the military personnel who were sent to Vietnam never even saw actual combat. The scores of books on the market that have been written about Vietnam all deal and focus on combat. A Week in Vietnam accurately recounts what life in Vietnam was like for those service members who weren’t involved in combat. The book attempts to capture the bizarre nature of the day-to-day life of those individuals. Much of it was so weird that it was funny. As the expression goes, “If you can’t laugh at it, it’ll drive you crazy.”

What exactly is the underlying story of A Week in Vietnam? Jeff, the protagonist in A Week in Vietnam, is sent to Vietnam in 1972 to see if he can resolve logistic problems that the ships, he was assigned to support, were having. He arrives in Saigon in the midst of a North Vietnamese offensive operation and is transported to a region where rocket attacks against the ships had occurred the week before. He soon finds out that the U.S. military is in the process of abandoning the region and no one seems particularly interested in helping him resolve “his” problem. He formulates a resolution but doubts the legality of what he has set up and struggles with writing a report that doesn’t put himself “on report.” During the time Jeff is “‘in-country”, he finds himself encountering more experiences and people who only underscore the weird and bizarre nature of this war. Possibly regrettably, all of the Vietnam Vets who have read this book agree that the book is humorous, but more to the point, it rings true.

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