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INDIANAPOLIS, IN, February 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Marion Superior Court reached a $20 million verdict in favor of the defendants in Simmons vs. Indianapolis Power & Light Co. The defendants, Amy and Wayne Simmons were represented by Yosha Cook & Tisch – Personal Injury Lawyers.

The case concerned a 2014 electrical injury at the Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) Petersburg Power Plant. Wayne worked as a visiting laborer at Petersburg power plant owned, operated, and maintained by IPL. IPL hired Wayne’s employer, Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc., to construct a concrete foundation for a new hydrogen pipe support. This support’s foundation was supposed to be installed at the northwest corner of an existing hydrogen tank enclosure and concrete pad located on IPL’s plant

The case concerned a 2014 accident that defendant Wayne Simmons was involved. At the time, Simmons was employed by Sterling Boiler & Mechanical and working on a maintenance project contracted by Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL).

Simmons was dispatched to IPL’s Petersburg plant for a scheduled excavation after being issued a dig permit by IPL, which certified that there were no live electrical lines directly under the dig site. Yet upon excavation, Simmons struck a 4,160-volt electrical line, which caused an explosion. Simmons sustained serious and permanent injuries, as well as neurological symptoms.

Six years since the incident, Simmons has been permanently disabled, requiring continuous medical appointments and surgeries. Due to his catastrophic injuries, Simmons is unable to participate in daily activities that he was previously able to do prior to the accident.

About the Trial

The Yosha Cook & Tisch legal team spent several years preparing the case, with the trial formally beginning on October 27, 2020, and lasting two full weeks in court. Despite unusual circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the trial was heard in-person with social distancing and other health precautions in place.

The pandemic had an impact on the trial process, but the legal team ultimately prevailed, as the court found Indianapolis Power & Light Company 60 percent at fault, Simmon’s employer Sterling Boiler 30 percent, and Simmon’s 10 percent. Based on this assignment of fault, the final verdict amounted to $12.2 million for the defendant.

About Yosha Cook & Tisch

The Yosha Cook & Tisch legal team includes Rich Cook, Bryan Tisch, Louis Buddy Yosha, and Brandon Yosha and relied on their wide array of legal experience to secure the multi-million dollar verdict. The team ranged from veteran to apprentice, with Brandon Yosha as the youngest member of the team having been sworn into the Indiana state bar five weeks prior and the case marking his trial debut.

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