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WENZHOU, CHINA, December 24, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Joysun Mech-Tech is a professional supplier and manufacturer for the softgel production machine, we offer softgel manufacturing production line which includes softgel machines, tumble dryers, gelatin melting tanks, medication tanks, transfer tanks, coloring machines, drying trays, softgel tooling. Full technical support for softgel equipment use and maintenance.

We integrate design, R&D, technical consultation, production, engineering, installation, operation training and after-sales service. We are a benchmark company especially in bringing automatic working mold into softgel production.

What does Automatic Continuous Softgel Working Cover?
Automatic gelatin melting system, automatic medication system, online gelatin solution transferring tech, online medicine conveying modular, combine CIP system into gelatin and medicine tanks. Online raw material weighing and vacuum loading functions, automatic gelatin deaeration technique. Tumble dryer to final softgel final drying can save drying trays and increase production proficiency. Meet the GMP and FDA requirements.

What Joysun Auto Gelatin Melting System Can Do?
Store or recall process recipes: user can input a series of production recipes with coding. Each time before production can easily choose one from the system.

Online weighing, automatic recording: online weighing can be done to measure each ingredient, and also providing double-checking.

Auto- control proportional valve, precise temperature control: using Germany Jumo temperature sensor and temperature controller.

Auto vacuum de-aeration, safe and reliable, high efficiency: highly valued vacuum debubble system is liked by many buyers. Automatic and controlled material discharge

Combining the CIP system into softgel tank cleaning.
This is high cleaning efficiency, saving water and energy; standardization of the cleaning process, online conductivity detection, cleaning effect can be monitored. Check out more continuous sofgel manufacturing projects here.

Our gelatin melting system can be interactive with MES system.
As the carrier of the workshop data management technology, MES system plays an important role in realizing the automation, intelligence, and networking of the production process. MES is between the enterprise-level resource planning system ERP and the plant-level control system SFC. It is an important means to improve manufacturing capacity and production management capacity.

Joysun aims to improve the softgel technology and to ease the softgel manufacturing process as much as we can. We’d like to work with softgel production specialists worldwide.

Sharry Zheng
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