Mobius is the world’s most advanced vehicle automation software, with over 20 years of operation. ASI Logistics launches this software as part of their autonomous yard truck solution.

MENDON, UT, October 20, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ASI Logistics, along with parent company Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI), have announced the release of Mobius for yard trucks. With over 20 years of experience and millions of hours and data behind it, Mobius for yard trucks is unmatched as the world’s most advanced command and control software for autonomous vehicles. Mobius is a big step in ASI Logistics’ plan to deploy a fully autonomous yard truck solution.

Brian Stewart, VP of Products at ASI, said, “Mobius provides a platform that allows the automatable actions of an entire operation to be controlled and monitored from a single computer. In a distribution center, the power of the Mobius platform reduces points of failure and increases overall productivity while also increasing the safety of the yard. The agnostic connectivity capabilities of Mobius means all automatable end points, data sources and YMS tools can be seamlessly integrated and managed in a simple to use interface. Mobius has been designed to take the complexities out of automation and deliver a simple approach to extreme productivity.”

Supply chains constantly battle bottlenecks and labor challenges that occur at distribution yards since the COVID-19 pandemic. Yards struggle to fill the positions needed to run a site at full optimization. Autonomous yard solutions will alleviate these bottlenecks and allow more efficient operations across the globe. An autonomous solution, in order to really perform at a high level, requires a robust software to run seamlessly and effortlessly to integrate with a site’s yard management system (YMS).

Mobius easily integrates with any YMS and automatically can perform the repetitive, manual tasks that site’s run day-to-day. Along with an easily integrated system, Mobius is simple to learn and user-friendly. Mobius for yard trucks also showcases many features to allow for full autonomous moves to be made, including:

• Connect and disconnect trailer lines
• Reverse into trailers
• Trailer number recognition
• Real-time dock and stall status
• Manage up to 250 autonomous assets

Mobius poises ASI at the forefront of the autonomous yard truck industry. The first-of-its-kind software is ready to transform sites into fully autonomous sites. ASI Logistics continues to be a leader in autonomous yard truck automation.

About ASI:

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) is a world leader in industrial vehicle automation. ASI serves clients across the world in logistics, mining, agriculture, automotive, government, and manufacturing industries with remote control, teleoperation, and fully automated solutions from its headquarters and 100-acre proving ground in northern Utah.

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