Behrouz Ferdows, a leading entrepreneur, has highlighted the importance of “modular construction” in different academic disciplines and arts.

DUBAI, UAE, January 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Modules are used in many disciplines, including architecture, industrial design, fine arts, visual arts, painting, sculpture, music, mathematics, and many more, each with their own definitions,” said Behrouz Ferdows, who is also an outstanding investor and advisors from both national and international perspectives.

Behrouz Ferdows graduated from Karlsruhe Germany and has worked internationally ever since in the field of engineering.

“The definition of the module in architecture is what we use frequently with repeated modules in the formation of a volume or surface in order to create a larger combination,” he added.

“In fact, when we talk about modules, we mean the same size as in a modular system; a variety of sizes are obtained depending on the combination of a limited number of base sizes,” he said.

“In architecture, factors such as climatic and cultural characteristics, dimensions of the human body and how it moves in the space, the dimensions of living items and many more characteristics can play an important role in the formation of dimensions in the modular system and its principles and foundations,” the entrepreneur noted.

He underscored that modular construction is significant for human comfort.

“The set of these factors are considered with the aim of providing comfort for humans. In addition, among the most important advantages of using the modular system is that it’s time-saving and cost-effective … and improves the installation speed,” he explained.

“Each design is based on a system of standards and sizes, which is very important in the design of the modular system as a whole, coordination, and consistency of dimensions in its design and production. The modular system consists of prefabricated parts that are used mostly in architecture in the construction industry and mass production,” said the investor.

“The impact of the structure on the formation of the architectural effect is undeniable. In today’s industrial society, where the need for drying, acceleration, and retrofitting are among the general principles, the need for a fixed module that adapts architectural designs to the structure seems essential,” he said.

The distinguished engineer explained that modular construction is a notable solution for building structures in all weather conditions.

“Modular and prefabricated structures are the best and it is the most efficient construction solution in all weather conditions. Due to its modern design compared to other types of leveling, these constructions are unique opportunities for development and progress. The multiple designs of these buildings for different purposes show their stability and practicality. Due to the use of modern technology, this operation continuously leads to quality control and the long-life guarantee of structures,” he said.

“Housing and settlement always follow the economic, social, cultural, and climatic conditions of each region. Nature, the extent of shortages, and aspects of residential needs vary according to the income groups of social strata. Obviously, each of them, depending on its characteristics, requires different solutions, one of which is flexible housing,” he said.

“Flexible housing should be able to deal easily with changes in the life cycle and new building systems in design, allow for some flexibility and allow for improvement, while conventional building systems are not designed to change, and any deformation in the building will be accompanied by the destruction of part or sometimes all of it,” he said.

“The advantages of such an approach in the design are significant: it can be used for a longer period of time, it is compatible with user experience and intervention, it has more economic and ecological sustainability, and it easily enjoys the advantages of technical innovations,” he explained.

Ferdows also touched upon the significance of prefabricated housing.

“Users’ demands and time constraints make the prefabricated and modular building industry all the more necessary. Prefabricated housing is a timeless attraction in that regard. It is necessary to provide flexibility in the architecture of houses. there must be a planned system along with prefabricated, which is the same as modular in building systems,” Behrouz Ferdows concluded.

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