College student’s persuasive and informative public service announcement is chosen as the 2021 winning entry

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 27, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — High Rise Financial awarded Julia Perez, a senior at Advent Health University in Orlando, their inaugural Financial Education PSA Scholarship. The $1,500 prize was established as part of their effort to help young adults gain a solid understanding of economic fundamentals.

According to the Standards & Poor’s Rating Services Global Financial Literacy Survey, only 57% of U.S. adults are financially literate. Tasked with writing a 500-word public service announcement (PSA) to counter this trend, Perez focused her piece on maintaining good credit.

In her PSA, she likened a person’s credit score to their resume. “Most people use their resume as a guideline in proving to the hiring committee that they are qualified …. Similarly, your credit proves you are responsible and makes them more comfortable knowing they will not lose money with you.”

Good credit not only gives us more financing options, but it also makes it more likely we’ll get approved and pay lower interest charges. When shopping for ideal rates and quality loans, Chavez advises her peers to “Do your research and avoid being impulsive.”

To achieve an excellent credit rating, we need to make better decisions and use credit wisely, she said. This means paying your bills on time, only spending what you can afford, and closing any credit accounts you don’t need.

Following these guidelines takes discipline, something Perez is familiar with. In 2018 she completed her Associate of Arts degree at Seminole State College with the honors distinction Summa Cum Laude.

Today, she’s studying Diagnostic Medical Sonography at AHU and, upon graduation, plans to work alongside doctors and other healthcare workers evaluating patients and helping to save lives.

Her passion for helping people also extends to her affinity for investing and financial matters. She said she is interested in helping people around her who “have had a significant financial crisis.”

For the rest of us, Perez explains that we can avoid low credit scores in the first place by being smart and making careful decisions.

In her essay, she stated, “When experiencing hardship, we often wish we had a super-power enabling us to go back in time to make better decisions or fast forward past the hard time.”

She stated that while powers like this don’t exist, knowledge can make us just as powerful. “We can’t prevent the inevitable, but having good credit can allow us to be one step ahead and even get us things we have always dreamed of!”

About High Rise Financial

Los Angeles-based High Rise Financial provides pre-settlement legal funding to clients throughout the United States. We furnish personal injury victims with a percentage of their anticipated lawsuit settlement funds before their claim is settled. They can then use their money to cover essential expenses while the lawsuit is decided.

We established our $1,500 Financial Education PSA Scholarship as part of our effort to help young people become financially stable, financially literate, and economically free. To learn more about our scholarship program, contact us or visit our website.

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