Given the financial hardships that 2020 events have put on many, Ng lays out exactly how to take advantage of resources that are designed but perhaps, not as known, to defray or eliminate the costs associated with preparing for the CPA exam process.

CHICAGO, IL, November 04, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — One of the featured articles in the most recent issue of New Accountant is entitled “Free CPA Exam Resources“. This resourceful piece is written by contributing writer, Stephanie Ng, executive committee member of finance, for a Hong Kong-based charity.

This is a timely and relevant article given the financial hardships that 2020 events have put on many. In this article, Ng lays out exactly what costs candidates can expect to pay along their journey in both preparing and taking the CPA exam, and how to take advantage of resources that are designed but perhaps, not as well known, to defray or eliminate the costs associated with the process.

The author highlights free advice resources, tutorials, mock and practice exams from AICPA and MOCPA, study questions from NJCPA and even how to use apps like Reddit to find a CPA subforum that can also assist candidates. Ng provides priceless information and resources that can be invaluable in helping candidates on a budget have a solid chance of doing well on the CPA exam.

Another timely article published in this issue is aptly titled, “10 Tips for Young Accounting Professionals in the Pandemic Environment”, written by Tim V. Eaton and Jake Swyers of Miami University. This article gives valuable tips on how young accounting professionals can adapt to new jobs in a virtual environment. Tips such as seeking out remote networking opportunities, being open to new platforms and experiences, finding or becoming a mentor, maintaining current relationships and even showing empathy towards clients are discussed in detail.

“How Flipped Courses Can Prepare You for the Accounting Profession” by Matt Bjornsen, Assistant Professor from the University of Nebraska – Kearney, the author proposes the benefits of “flipped” courses, where students study the lecture material prior to class, and apply the knowledge and discussion during class, which, according to Bjornsen, a current user of this method, promotes tools to prepare you for your accounting career: responsibility, self-discovery and general skill advancement.

Our cover story, “Meet the Future Accountant: Five Essential Qualities the Industry Expects” discusses in detail, the five essential qualities employers are currently seeking: technical acumen, creativity, ability to work in a diverse environment, agility and ethics. The author, Michael F. Peters, PhD, Chair, Accounting & Information Systems and the Alvin A. Clay Professor of Accounting, Villanova School of Business, goes on to explain why each of these qualities is needed to navigate today’s changing workplace and how Villanova’s School of Business graduate program, MACDA (Master of Accounting with Data Analytics) comprehensively focuses on all of these components.

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