Keith L. Jones, CPA is excited to launch the brand new KeithJones.CPA domain name. With the launch, Keith L. Jones is transitioning to a more secured platform, and the website and email addresses will be updated to reflect the changes.

HOLLYWOOD, FL, May 09, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The .CPA is a new top-level domain made exclusively for those in the accounting industry, and you’ll see it more and more in the digital accounting space. The domain is only available to CPA firms or individually licensed CPAs. By adopting the .CPA domain, Keith L. Jones, CPA is now a part of this exclusive digital accounting community.

Protected domains like .CPA are part of the next generation of the internet, and they’ll make interacting with companies and individuals more secure. Internet crime is on the rise, and one of the biggest types of attacks is from bad actors who use spoofed or look-alike domain names to conceal their identities and carry out sophisticated attacks.

To combat this wave of false identities, companies have begun switching to protected domains that require verification to obtain. You may have noticed some domains, such as .bank and .pharmacy, have already begun taking hold in the internet world. This strategy helps make websites for businesses and organizations more secure, improve their branding, and helps customers determine the integrity of a website.

The new domain offers a plethora of other advantages too, including:

Allows for better-focused branding efforts
Provides better security and helps combat Internet fraud
Promotes better trust in online interactions between clients and organizations
It demonstrates an organization’s commitment to client security in the digital world

By switching to the new .CPA domain that’s made only for verified accounting firms and professionals, Keith L. Jones, CPA helps ensure his clients are safe and can rest easy when they see the .CPA at the end of the domain. As Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO of says, “the Internet Domain for the Accounting Profession.”

Accounting is one area that requires special attention to security online. After all, your finances are the foundation for your life, so you can’t do too much in terms of ensuring a secure platform. Using the new top-level domain will make it much more difficult for Internet criminals to target you with malicious attacks, and decreases the possibility of targeted malware. Keith L. Jones is excited by the opportunity to carry out business with his clients with a higher degree of trust and integrity in this rapidly evolving digital era.

Be on the lookout for the transition to KeithJones.CPA.

Keith specializes in helping taxpayers resolve IRS tax issues. His experience has been that most folks who owe back taxes are folks that are good people who received no advice or received poor advice These are the type of people and small businesses that he loves to passionately fight for tax debt relief or tax resolution across the country.

No matter your financial situation, TheCPATaxProblemSolver is one of the best tax relief experts and he knows what it takes to get you qualified for honest back tax relief allowed by law & how to negotiate with the IRS to get a just tax settlement.

With offices in Jacksonville and Destin, Florida he is considered a industry leader.

He has helped thousands of GOOD FOLKS resolve their IRS nightmares & restored their financial freedom.

This gives them peace of mind and a good night of sleep.

Emphasis is placed on current compliance and minimizing future liabilities via strategic tax planning.

He’s a QuickBooks ProAdvisor & offers tax preparation services.

For most Americans, dealing with the IRS can be an incredibly overwhelming & high-pressure situation.

TheCPATaxProblemSolver knows the burden of back taxes.

He strongly believes knowledge and information are keys to successfully navigating the IRS tax relief programs.

Keith was born and raised in the small coastal town of Port Saint Joe, Florida.

He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration and majored in Accounting at Florida State University’s College of Business.

He has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Florida for over 25 years.

Working as an Auditor & Senior Tax Specialist with the Florida Department of Revenue, he passed the CPA October 1995.

Keith served as Division Controller for the St. Joe Company.

In this capacity, he recognized nationally for his efforts by being inducted into the AICPA’s Business & Industry Hall of Fame.

Elected as a Regional Vice President by his peers for the Florida Institute of CPAs (FICPA).

Through the years, he has served the Accounting Profession and FICPA in many capacities, including as:
• Past President of the Miracle Strip Chapter of FICPA
• Past Regional Vice President of FICPA
• Member of the Finance Committee for four years
• Member of the Board of Governors for twelve years
• Chairman of the FSU Accounting Conference where he was Chair of the Year
• Trustee and Past Vice President of the FICPA Educational Foundation
• Member of several committees

In his spare time, he enjoys the beach, walking, boating and fishing as well as spending time with family.

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