ADbuzz™ provides a quick and easy way for banks and credit unions to generate banner ads for use in key channels like online and mobile banking

HUNTSVILLE, AL, November 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — DeepTarget Inc., a transformational financial services company that provides Growth-as-a-Service™ aka GRaaS™ to community financial institutions (FIs), announces the release of its first Gen AI solution, ADbuzz™ to enable FI marketing professionals to design key components of a banner or display ad and then assemble these to compose a complete ad in just minutes.

Leveraging Gen AI and marketing technology, ADbuzz™ generates inspired, high-quality display ad content including imagery and messaging to promote financial products and related information. Powered by large AI models, ADbuzz™ learns the patterns and relationships in a dataset of human-created content to rapidly generate new content. The more data these models receive and generate, the more convincing and human-like their outputs will become.

The magic of ADbuzz™ works in two steps. Considering the anatomy of a display/banner ad, the first step utilizes Gen AI to generate its two essential components which are 1) the message or offer and 2) the visual illustration that best portrays the selected loan or deposit financial product being promoted to the defined audience. These are then assembled by the software in a second step with other ad elements including size, background, and call-to-action composing the complete, usable ad in mere minutes. Early results of ads created entirely with ADbuzz™ can be viewed at

“We are thrilled to introduce our first Gen AI solution, ADbuzz™ to the Financial Services industry, demonstrating our continued investment focus on marketing tech innovation,” said Preetha Pulusani, CEO of DeepTarget. “ADbuzz™ provides a quick and easy way for bank and credit union clients to generate banner ads for use in such key channels as online and mobile banking. These high-quality display ads can be created at a fraction of their cost today. Gen AI has rapidly emerged as a creativity enabler and inspiration to streamline and elevate digital ads for FIs.”

Used widely in all industries in online and mobile media, banner ads are designed to drive brand awareness, lead generation and sales while being a cost-efficient digital marketing medium. By taking advantage of the significant power of Gen AI, FIs can now receive these benefits while also saving time, money and resources in the design and development of display ads. With various applications of Gen AI in marketing such as content generation, insight generation, market segmentation, and personalization, its use is expected to increase exponentially with 90 percent of commercial leaders planning to adopt Gen AI solutions within the next two years.

Limited early access to ADbuzz™ for clients and partners will be provided by invitation during this quarter. Interested financial institutions are requested to reach out to DeepTarget at [email protected].

About DeepTarget
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