With legal help, you can explore your options if you’re facing drug-related felony charges.

ORLANDO, FL, January 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you’re wondering how to beat a felony drug charge, you probably know that it’s going to be tough. There’s been no doubt for decades that drugs and drug trafficking will be punished severely in the United States. Both federal and state law enforcement have stepped up their efforts in Florida, clamping down on both commercial and personal trafficking. In the U.S., well over 200,000 people are imprisoned annually for drug-related charges.

Possession and sale of drugs are very serious offenses in Florida. Drug-related crimes are punishable by a wide range of penalties in the state. An attorney with experience in drug crime cases should be contacted as soon as possible if you have been charged with any type of drug crime.

If you are facing these charges, you have a few options. Some of these include the following:

If Your Rights Were Violated, Prove It
Criminal defense attorneys may first attempt to prove that the defendant’s constitutional rights were violated by an officer or law enforcement official. A suppression hearing is sometimes held prior to trial in order to prevent the case from going to trial.

A defendant’s rights may be violated in the following ways:
• Miranda warnings not being read
• Being the victim of an illegal search without evidence or probable cause
• Being unaware of the consequences of speaking out
• Police forcing you to speak with them.

Demonstrate That There Was No Probable Cause for the Arrest
In the absence of probable cause for an arrest, your possession charges may be dropped. You should be represented by a criminal defense attorney during this process. A good lawyer can help you accomplish a great result.

Prove That a Mistake Was Made
You will not have to go through the criminal court process if you can prove a mistake was made by law enforcement. During an arrest, it is possible for law enforcement to make a mistake by asking questions of a suspect prior to reading Miranda rights. Further, there are many other instances where law enforcement mess up, or where drug possession or trafficking charges can be dropped.

Explore a Plea Bargain
In addition to negotiating different outcomes, prosecutors have many options regarding what to charge a defendant in the first place. A skilled criminal defense attorney can potentially arrange a resolution with low or no incarceration, lesser charges, or otherwise minimal impact to you.

Challenge the Case at Trial
Very often in these cases the issue of who actually possessed the drugs is a legitimate question. Prosecutors often try to use “constructive possession” to suggest someone who did not actually possess drugs should nonetheless be criminally. That theory has limitations. Another issue that can be challenged is whether the drug you are charged with is, in fact, that controlled substance. More often than you would think it turns out the drugs at issue are not actually what the cops think they are. There are many other issues that may make your case one that is worth taking to trial to force the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. A good criminal defense attorney can discuss these options with you and pursue a solid course of action for your defense.

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