KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction) Enhances the Growth and Quality of Plants by Enhancing the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway: Results From a Large Study in Vietnam Using Kiko Pellets

SOUTH PASADENA, CA, November 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — A new research study reported by W. John Martin, MD, Ph.D. from the Institute of Progressive Medicine in South Pasadena, CA, has unveiled a groundbreaking approach to enhancing rice cultivation using Kiko volcanic rock-derived pellets. The core of this innovative method revolves around the activation of groundwater through an energy source known as KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction). KELEA activated water contributes to cellular energy and drives various biological processes within rice plants via the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. A preprint of the study is available at

The Kiko pellets, created from previously pulverized and heated volcanic rock material, have demonstrated their ability to elevate KELEA levels in water, effectively improving the quality and quantity of harvested rice. The study, which primarily focused on the Jasmine ST25 strain of rice cultivated in the Mekong District of Vietnam, revealed remarkable outcomes.

The following are some of the key findings and benefits of this innovative approach:

1. Weed Control: Kiko pellet treatment led to more efficient weed control in the rice fields, enhancing overall crop health.
2. Germination: Kiko pellets facilitated more efficient germination of rice seeds, contributing to better crop establishment.
3. Abundant Tiller and Panicle Growth: Kiko-treated fields exhibited increased tiller and panicle growth, resulting in a more substantial rice harvest.
4. Increased Rice Grains: The rice plants in Kiko-treated fields produced more rice grains, adding to the overall yield.
5. Significant Yield Increase: The study reported a remarkable 29% increase in total harvested rice and nearly 40% increase in the amount of milled rice when using Kiko pellets.
6. High-Quality Rice: Rice produced from Kiko-treated fields was not only more abundant but also of superior quality, with characteristics like increased size, whiteness, aroma, taste, and less breakage.
7. Reduced Pest and Disease Damage: The Kiko-treated fields experienced fewer issues with snails, rodents, and fungal diseases, contributing to higher crop quality.

This research showcases the potential of applying the science of KELEA and the ACE pathway in revolutionizing agriculture and enhancing food security for the world’s growing populations.

Further information on Kiko pellets is available from Kiko Technology Limited, registered in Hong Kong SAR. Additional scientific information is available in the book published by the author that is entitled “Stealth Adapted Viruses; Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) & KELEA Activated Water.”

The Insitute of Progressive Medicine is a component of MI Hope Inc. a non-profit public charity based in South Pasadena CA 91030.

One of the missions of MI Hope Inc. is to help in the compiling and reporting of data relating to clinical, agricultural, and industrial applications of research on KELEA and the ACE Pathway.

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