n-tech believes smart windows still represent a business opportunity but as part of a smart buildings play and with different drivers than in the past.

RICHMOND, VA, March 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Industry analyst firm, n-tech Research has announced that the firm will be releasing a new report in April of this ear titled, “Smart Windows Market Opportunities & Analysis, 2021-2030.” The report updates the firm’s on-going market forecast for smart windows technologies and markets dating back to 2011. Details of the report including a preview are available at: https://www.ntechresearch.com/market-reports/smart-windows-market-opportunities/

The firm will also be issuing a related report in May titled, Building Integrated PV Markets 2021-2030 that updates the firm’s coverage of solar BIPV glass and other related technologies. See https://www.ntechresearch.com/market-reports/building-integrated-pv-markets-2021-2030/ for details.

About the Report

This new Smart Windows Market report analyzes and forecasts where the revenues and volume shipments will be generated over the next 10 years. Technologies covered include both active and passive technology. In active technology focuses on electrochromic, SPD (Suspended Particle Devices) and liquid crystals while in passive technology the report covers covered thermochromics and photochromics. The report forecasts revenues for key application areas as well.

In addition to an analysis of the technologies related to smart windows, this report also contains strategic profiles of leading vendors and startups active in the smart windows space. In these profiles we discuss the product/market strategies employed by companies targeting the smart windows market. Companies addressed will include SageGlass, View Inc., Research Frontiers, Kinestral Technologies, Heliotrope, SWITCH Materials, Nodis, RavenWindow, Gentex Corporation, ChromoGenics, Kinestral, Gauzy, iGlass Technology, Niagra Framework, EControl-Glas and others.

The original formulation of smart windows as a smart material play, like so many other smart materials projects from 10 years ago, has not been a huge success. With the trend towards smart buildings and connectivity though the market opportunities and drivers for smart windows have perhaps shifted and n-tech Research believes there in the future lies. In addition to the smart building angle, we reexamine the role energy efficiency, comfort and productivity benefits once touted as the basis for the technology.

From the Report

The smart windows business has not met industry or investor expectations. It frustratingly refused to move beyond niches and in the case of View, one of its most prominent firms, saw vast sums of money raised and spent but having little to show for it. Nonetheless, n-tech believes smart windows still represent a business opportunity but as part of a smart buildings play and with different drivers than in the past.

The integration of smart windows into the smart building ecosystem is a more promising story. In the new world of smart/connected buildings, windows must be discussed in the context of the Internet-of-Things, AI, HVAC, lighting, security systems and both conventional and sustainable energy systems. Of course, this doesn’t mean that smart windows can’t be considered a business on its own, just that it is also part of a larger story and solution and likely more profitable.

Government mandates as well as subsidies, while perhaps inefficient, will provide major support for smart buildings and by extension, windows. Decarbonization and net zero buildings continue to be a major focus in Europe and more progressively governed states in the US.

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