Reach out to customers and start promoting your business or services for free in minutes. Ultimate business promotion platform for small and home businesses. Get your businesses and services promoted in google searches and seen by many more.

YORK, ENGLAND, May 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Shalooka is a new and innovative way for advertisement and free business listing. It is a tool designed for small business owners and for people who are not tech-savvy or hands-on with computers. Users can now register and start advertising businesses for free to millions in a couple of minutes. Shalooka does this in two ways, via the shalooka app and by publishing the product or service listing on shalooka’s website. When users register their business or service, they can choose to register as a business that allows a rich set of features and benefits over regular users. Shalooka is pack-full of innovative and positive features which encourage users to update their profiles in attractive and dynamic ways and seek positive feedback from prospective clients. Shalooka is optimized to work with local resources and businesses and present them to local end-user in an innovative and structured fashion. On top of the business listing and App facilities, the team is working on a diverse set of Small Business start-up guides that can be accessed on shalooka’s website.

There are several categories available in shalooka, one especially for Businesses and Services, for users who are more serious about their business outfit and its online presence. One unique feature is the score feature, which comprises various factors indicating the popularity index for a certain business or service. These factors include Likes, views, and Trust contacts. User or Business profile score will generally indicate the Trust value or popularity index, which has been earned over time. When all listed businesses strive to outperform their competitors in profile score, they engage in a healthy competitive environment which is great for business and a true indicator of a free market. End users also enjoy a market which is driven by competition and makes sure they get product or services at fair market price.

When a user performs a search or explores available categories, a table is generated which is called listing. A listing is a collection of all businesses and services, arranged in ascending order, distance-wise from the registered user location. The clever bit is the more the score is, the closer the service or business will appear to the current location i-e it will get promoted on the listing. This feature has been implemented so business owners are encouraged to improve their scores which in turn results in promotion in listings.

One of the challenges for small businesses is to create scalable and responsive websites which can help create a digital online footprint for their products. A functional and responsive website will also open doors to potential customers via searches performed on popular search engines, but there are a couple of hurdles that are inherent to the websites and search engines. Foremost is the issue of getting a responsive and functional website developed which is not always easy and it’s even more of an issue for people who are not tech-savvy.

SEO or search engine optimization is another massive hurdle that can only be handled on most occasions by trained professionals. All this effort will be costly and time-consuming. Shalooka has tried to address the issue by automatically creating web listings for items and services which are then made available to search engines in an optimized fashion. In this way, a small business can potentially reach promoted positions in google searches and gain access to a wide customer base, which would be otherwise very expensive to obtain. If you are a new starter small business and looking to grow your business for free then Shalooka can be a very positive start to your journey.

Shalooka is a tiny start-up that emerged out of a mega inspiration to help small businesses and especially home businesses reach out to prospective customer base, which would otherwise be very difficult for them to achieve. We are in the early stages of development although Shalooka has been out for a couple of years now. A lot more has been planned to go into the product but for now, it is serving merely as an optimized business listing.

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