The “MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally” campaign is an initiative made by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency directed to the American market, which aims to showcase the best of Portugal’s sustainable and innovative products.

NEW YORK, NY, April 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The United States is one of the six key target markets for the new international advertising campaign “MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally.” This campaign, directed to all American companies, is an initiative by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency. It will showcase the best of Portugal’s sustainable and innovative products from several industries: fashion to home furnishings, building materials to technology, or even food & beverage to the molds industry.

The campaign will launch simultaneously in the United States, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. It will run throughout 2021, showcasing products and services from selected clusters that embody the campaign’s core values.

“The United States is one of Portugal’s main clients, valuing such attributes as sustainability, innovation, quality, and authenticity. Values that differentiate and promote the confidence of this market in Portuguese products, which are, naturally, ‘premium’, customized and designed to satisfy demanding customers,” said AICEP chairman Luís Castro Henriques.

The Home cluster incorporates the furniture, lighting, home textiles, houseware, decorative ceramics, cutlery, glass, and crystal sectors. The sector’s ability to innovate, create trends, and confidence is based on its heritage of craftsmanship and international experience.

The Construction Materials cluster is committed to innovation and technology, following new trends, and providing a high-performing, sophisticated and well-designed range. This sector includes ornamental stones, ceramics, wood, cork, metals, cement, plaster, concrete and related works, plastics, paints and varnishes, and glass.

The Fashion cluster includes apparel and footwear design & production. The Portuguese fashion industry exports to more than 200 markets worldwide. In apparel & clothing, Portugal is the 10th largest European exporter, and it is among the top 25 exporters globally, with the United States as one of the top main markets. In footwear, Portugal is the 11th largest exporter in the world. Burberry, Kenzo, Dior, and other global brands rely on the Portuguese industry’s quality, innovation, and design for their product development.

The Food & Beverage cluster combines the best of the Mediterranean tradition with an Atlantic twist. Portuguese food products are surprising the world with new flavors and experiences while embodying each of the markets’ cultures with customized products and solutions. This is a result of secular experience and know-how, already available in more than 180 markets worldwide, in which the United States is one of the main clients. It is impossible to be indifferent to the world of Portuguese Wine. Portugal is the 9th world exporter, with unique wines that combine ancient vineyards with innovation and sustainability, constantly recognized by the most significant world awards, year after year.

The IT cluster is a crucial player in the global digital transformation and offers the best in the industry, with know-how, experience, and expertise recognized by key brands such as Microsoft, INTEL, NASA, or ESA. With state-of-the-art infrastructures and high talented population, Portugal is already experiencing the new 5G era and is the top partner in the sector for nearshore services strategies.

The Molds cluster is the 3rd producer of plastic injection molds in Europe and the 8th producer of plastic injection molds worldwide. In a moment when plastic injection molding and 3D printing will increase for the medical devices industry, consider the track record and quality of the Portuguese Mold industry. With a strong specialization, the automotive industry is currently the primary customer of domestic mold production, including high-quality and consistent injection parts from a broad range of polymers.

Portugal is the country where culture and tradition coexist with design, technology, and R&D. High-quality standards, authenticity, and exclusivity characterize the production of Portuguese goods, which are the choice of leading international clients and brands. With almost nine centuries of history, Portugal is a stable, innovative, sophisticated, and forward-looking country in which sustainability is a priority.

The digital campaign “MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally” will be available on all social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn – and on the official website of AICEP USA, at Now is the time to discover why you should choose Portugal as your strategic partner.


Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is a welcoming and multicultural country with an open economy, where culture and tradition coexist with design, innovation, technology, and R&D.

At the crossroads between the European, African and American continents, its strategic location and status as a European Union and Eurozone member state make Portugal the ideal partner for your business.

Top international rankings* consider Portugal to be the third safest country globally and the seventh most politically and socially stable. It is also one of the countries that invest the most in renewable energy sources and policies to combat climate change.

Portugal’s excellent infrastructures, telecommunications, talent, and overall quality of life attract visitors and companies from all over the world.

Distinguished by their quality, authenticity, and exclusivity, Portuguese goods are highly sought after by well-renowned international customers. Portugal is an innovative, sophisticated, and forward-looking country with almost nine centuries of history where sustainability is a priority and an industry strategic goal.

*Sources: Global Peace Index 2020 (Institute for Economics & Peace | 163 countries); The World Bank (Worldwide Governance Indicators | 214 countries); Climate Change Performing Index 2021 (CCPI 2021 | 61 countries); Connect4Climate (World Bank Group).


Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency is a government entity focused on attracting productive investment, increasing exports, and internationalizing Portuguese businesses to boost its economy. AICEP is a “one-stop-shop” agency and the ideal partner for those looking to invest in Portugal or establish new strategic partnerships to expand their business.

With offices in Portugal and abroad, AICEP supports international companies investing in Portugal through project analysis, site selection, and human resources support.

With a global network present in over 50 markets, AICEP oversees Portuguese companies’ internationalization and exports, supporting them throughout these processes by connecting companies with critical stakeholders and providing valuable information.

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This campaign is an initiative by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency directed to the American market. It will showcase the best of Portugal’s sustainable and innovative products from several industries: fashion to home furnishings, building materials to technology, or even food & beverage to the molds industry.

This statement seeks to focus, professionalize, and aggregate Portuguese products and services, allowing them instant recognition for their potential and effort, supported by acknowledging Portugal’s reputation as a modern, innovating, and trend-setting country.

The MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally campaign targets the United States of America, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom and will take place throughout 2021.

The narrative of the digital campaign follows consumer and communication trends. It focuses on the values that differentiate and promote the Portuguese offer’s recognition in the international market: Sustainability, Know-how, Tradition, Authenticity, Quality, Design, Innovation, and Customization.

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