Working Solutions NYC is a team of employment law attorneys working in New York City and New Jersey. The firm is announcing New Jersey content upgrades, including a Google My Business listing ready for positive reviews.

LIVINGSTON, NJ, June 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Working Solutions NYC, a team of employment attorneys working on severance, FMLA, and unpaid wages issues in New York and New Jersey at, is proud to announce new content focused on New Jersey employment issues such as severance and unpaid wages.

“We aim to service residents of New York and New Jersey with best-in-class employment law services,” explained Chris Q. Davis, managing partner at the law firm. “Among the newly rebooted content areas is our revised Google business listing, plus new New Jersey-centric information on our website.”

Persons who want to view the New Jersey business listing can visit That listing provides basic information about the law firm, including address and phone number. Interested persons can reach out for a free consultation with a lawyer on employment issues such as severance and unpaid wages issues. They can also visit the New Jersey information page at Next, interested persons can browse topic-specific areas such as the following. Severance agreement information can be found at; employment law information can be found at; and unpaid wages and overtime at


With a population of 9.3 million people and a vibrant economy within the greater New York / Connecticut / New Jersey ecosystem, New Jersey sees more than its fair share of employment issues. With an office in Livingston, New Jersey, the law firm makes it easy for New Jersey residents to learn about their rights as employees and, if desired, to reach out for a no obligation consultation with an attorney. Seeking a free, no-obligation consultation with a NJ attorney can provide several benefits. New Jersey has robust laws and protections in place for employees, making it crucial to understand one’s rights and options. Second, consulting with an attorney who understands the nuances of New Jersey’s employment landscape can provide tailored advice and representation based on the unique circumstances of each case. Third, an attorney experienced in New Jersey employment law can help employees navigate the legal complexities associated with severance negotiations, sexual harassment claims, or wage and overtime disputes. In summary, an attorney can guide employees through potential settlement negotiations or represent them in court, ensuring their best interests are protected.


Working Solutions NYC is a law firm with offices in New York (New York City) and New Jersey that is committed to serving the possible needs of clients who are seeking an attorney. This includes but is not limited to claims of discrimination, retaliation, FMLA violations, wrongful termination, benefits & vacation pay, FLSA violations such as unpaid & overtime wages, severance agreements, and sexual harassment. For employers, the law firm handles issues such as litigation defense, handbook & contract drafting, compliance & HR advisory services, small business services, and startup services. Persons who may have employment law issues are encouraged to reach out to the law firm for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

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