A Resilient Story of Nature from a Private Ranch in East Sarasota County

SARASOTA, FL, December 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — This Christmas, a delightful surprise emerged from Eagle Country, located on a private ranch in East Sarasota County. In a moment that captivated viewers of the live cam, Abby, one of these cherished eagles, laid an egg around five in the afternoon.

This inspiring event underscores the resilience and strength of Abby and Blaze, the eagle pair that has faced numerous challenges. Their nest, originally built by Vic and Nick, was destroyed three times by severe weather, including hurricanes and a winter storm. Demonstrating incredible perseverance, they rebuilt their nest in a sturdier tree last season, setting the scene for this year’s miraculous event.

The egg, laid on the afternoon of Christmas in the tranquil setting of a private ranch, represents not just the continuation of life but also the enduring spirit of Sarasota’s majestic eagles. Eagle Country proudly invites the community and viewers worldwide to watch this compelling narrative of survival and renewal unfold on their live stream.

Stay tuned to Eagle Country’s live cam for the latest updates and be part of the extraordinary journey of Abby, Blaze, and their heartwarming Christmas miracle.

Eagle Country is made up of a group of people who love eagles. The eagles’ nest is located on a small cattle ranch in southwest Florida. The nest has been on the property for around 20 years. We wanted to offer this nest for viewing in hopes that you may enjoy the eagles as much as we do. We also wanted to share with you some of our Florida wildlife friends in the area, “Friends of Eagle Country.”

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