Rising independent artist speaks out on key world issues with her new hip-hop track.

NEW YORK, NY, December 15, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mindy Davey is an up-and-coming pop singer/songwriter who is using her musical influence to bring attention to the myriad of issues facing our world today. Her new song, “Enough is Enough”, features R&B veteran, Jeiris Cook, and targets critical topics such as unity, racial tension, COVID 19, and mental health in a sincere style that is refreshing to hear in today’s music market.

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Davey, a New York native, began writing the song as a way to cope with the continual stream of negativity that seemed to surround the year 2020. She decided to pitch the song to Cook for additional writing ideas and he quickly agreed to join her effort.

“Everything about it felt right.,” Davey says, “Jeiris loved it and wrote the hook right away. We worked via zoom and wrote and produced the whole song remotely in two different states, New Jersey and New York.”

“We both connected to this song for many reasons,” says Davey. “We were tired of seeing the hate, division, and various problems taking place in the world. You go on social media and the timelines are filled with hate. What about the LOVE? What about the UNITY? What about accepting each other no matter what race, gender, religion or beliefs? So, we banded together to sing about unity, peace, and love between people.”

Davey’s manager, Mike Letica, supported the collaborative effort and put a twist on the song by having Mindy, (a pop singer), perform the rap lyrics while Cook sang on the track. “I wanted to do something different and unexpected with the song”, said Letica, “I wanted it to represent what can happen when people from diverse backgrounds come together and step outside of the creative box.”

Mindy Davey is signed to independent label, Indie on Air Records, and “Enough is Enough”, was distributed globally in November. She also released a video for the song and hopes her message of unity is heard by her fans.

See the official video here:
Facebook: https://fb.watch/2idSujK8AQ/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/4lLxUclbGgE

“We want people to feel inspired to really be the change,” Davey says. “To come together as ONE and to really band together and make a change.” When asked what she hopes to accomplish with this song, Mindy quickly said, “Set aside your differences and understand each other. Realize we all come from different backgrounds/places. Hate breeds hate but love can breed love.”

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