The Real Tarzann Michael Holston stands up for Black Lives Matter.

MIAMI, FL, October 27, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Social media star The Real Tarzann Michael Holston recently used his platform to voice his opinion on a couple of causes near to his heart. The animal enthusiast, who has amassed 6.5 million followers on Instagram and over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube, has branched away from his usual posts occasionally in recent months. He has started using his platform to spread awareness of the fight against animal abuse. Away from animals, he has also shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Michael Holston keeps all of his social media channels very active, and his voice grabs attention with every post. Standing up for his beliefs in both of these topics has not only spread valuable information to his followers but increased overall visibility for these problems.

Animal rights

Posting animal and wildlife content for a living looks like an enjoyable way of life. There is a dark side to interacting with animals in different parts of the world, seeing how they are treated locally compared to how Michael Holston treats animals he sees in the South Florida area. Whether it is blatant animal abuse in a remote part of the United States or a lack of laws for animal rights in a different country, Holston is focused on helping out as much as possible.

He continues to be extremely transparent with his interactions in the wild with different animals on his platforms. He makes sure that the animals are always in a safe position, so they do not feel vulnerable. He also only works with individuals and organizations that put animal safety above all else. He is not afraid to turn down opportunities if he is not comfortable with a particular situation.

There are times in which some people working around animals care more about the optics instead of proper animal care and well-being. Holston does not want to fall into that category, so he will turn down opportunities if animals do not appear to feel safe in their environment.

Civil and social rights

The Black Lives Matter movement has been around for a few years, but Holston only recently changed his Instagram biography to reflect his support. Not only that, but he has become much more vocal on civil and social issues that he feels strongly about.

As a black man himself, the Black Lives Matter movement is something he feels connected to in many ways. He has shared some of his personal stories that make everything a bit more relatable to him, and social media followers have shown an incredible amount of support for Holston showing vulnerability. He vows to continue showing support online and in civil protests.

Keeping a regular content schedule

Becoming vocal on animal rights and civil rights is a bit of a change for Holston, but he continues to post his standard videos and images. Right now, his goal is to continue making sure that his followers understand his stances and can make their impact when he shares information. He is also continuing what he does best, producing animal and wildlife content not found anywhere else. It is impossible to separate entertainment from serious issues entirely, but Holston handles this well.

Both topics are very serious in Holston’s opinion, and he has shown he is willing to put in extra effort to help out however possible. Although it does not take much action on his part online, making statements through his social media channels can impact so many people consuming his content. It is a type of impact he does not take lightly, and he hopes that others in his position make similar efforts.

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