Right now there are millions of people on dating websites. There are more people dating through this option than any other method. Sure, people still meet in bars and physical locations, but you are going to find that there are a lot of people going through dating sites on the web. There are sites for every type of person, but with the popularity of big time sites, there are also some very horrendous, terrible websites to deal with. If you are using a bad online dating site, look for these signs to showcase that you’re going about things wrong.

They Charge For Everything

A bad online dating site will charge you for everything, then charge you again for minutia. There’s nothing wrong with a subscription based model, but if you’re paying for communication, paying for more access, and then paying again and again for every little thing that you do, then it’s a bad site. Couple this with the next reason and you’re going to see that there are a lot of people getting milked of their money.

The Profiles are Fake

Several top websites in the dating world have been fined for creating hundreds of thousands of fake profiles. You will sign up for some of these sites and you’ll get hit with a lot of messages. You’ll open them and reply, only to lose credits, lose money, and get nowhere fast. Scams, spammers, bots, and so much more are in place to steal your money (read also this). Profiles that are fake look real, and you’ll get scammed fast.

There Are Few Members

If you sign up for a dating site and there’s a lack of profiles, you will not find love. In fact, you may find that some sites have no real people on them. If you are trying to find people in your area and you aren’t getting any sort of results when you search, especially in your area, you are definitely on a site that’s absolutely terrible.

You Get Spammed

The next telltale sign is simple, you are getting spammed. After signing up, if you’re getting hit with a lot of emails about dating, profile updates, and asking for money, you are definitely on a bad site. You shouldn’t get flooded with emails from any dating site, it’s just not a good thing. Don’t settle for any page that is going to spam you to hell.

You Get Mysterious Charges

Lastly, there are some dating sites that will automatically sign you up for trials of porno websites. If you don’t read the TOS, you will end up with a lot of bad charges. You can end up with $29.99 a month charges for pornographic websites and it’s a very difficult thing to cancel. It’s just better not to work through this. Look out for these malicious sites and charges.