With so many hybrid beds to choose from, deciding which mattress to invest can be an overwhelming decision; This article will help navigate the choices to help people dream in comfort.

TORONTO, ON, July 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With so many hybrid beds to choose from, deciding which mattress to invest can be an overwhelming decision; This article will help navigate the choices to help people dream in comfort.

Hybrid beds have blended the innovative qualities of innerspring mattresses and the comfortable cushion of memory foam to create one superior product. Whether you enjoy the robust support of an innerspring or the plush hug of memory foam, you’ll appreciate what hybrid beds have to offer.

Below we’ll detail what materials go inside a hybrid mattress, the benefits, the drawbacks, and how they may relate to your individual needs.

What’s Inside a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses contain a blend of two traditional cushioning techniques: pocket springs and foam. The foam serves as a plush upper layer to provide a soft surface to rest on above the innersprings.

Coils are excellent in offering customized support in various areas of your body depending on the weight, as they usually compress individually. What makes hybrids fantastic choices for mattresses is their ability to combine the support of innersprings and the pressure relief of foam, making for a comfortable bed that is not only cozy to lay on but keeps your spine aligned as you sleep as well.

Inside a typical hybrid mattress resides a few different layers, which all perform unique jobs to provide ultimate support and comfort. Below is the breakdown of our very own hybrid model.

Maxzzz 10-inch 7-Zone Pocket Spring Mattress Construction:

•The Hypoallergenic Breathable Fabric Cover provides a plush surface layer that allows for air to flow through, keeping you cool throughout the night. In addition, the hypoallergenic qualities let you breathe easy knowing you’re sleeping on a safe product.

•Next, a Cool Gel-Infused Memory Foam provides a soft, cooling layer. The gel infusion works to draw heat away from sleepers, allowing you to snooze comfortably through hot nights, while the memory foam provides plush comfort.

•A Perforated Sponge layer aids in temperature control, helping allow air to flow freely within the mattress and supporting the comfort layers.

•High-Density Support Foam serves as a smooth transition layer between the luxurious foams and innerspring coils.

•Individually Wrapped Coils compress independently to support each zone of your body in the way it needs, providing individualized support. This is not only great for spinal alignment but offers excellent motion isolation as the coils compress separately.

•Along the perimeter, we’ve added a high-strength anti-collapse edge support system, letting our sleepers get in and out of bed with ease. This feature is also great for couples looking to maximize surface area without feeling like you’ll slip off the edge.

Great Matches For Hybrid Beds

Hybrid beds provide robust support for those who need substantial lift without the rough surface of traditional pure innerspring beds. Almost anyone would be a great match for a hybrid bed.

•Stomach sleepers often require a firmer mattress due to their positioning in the night. Laying on one’s front can hyperextend the spine, putting painful pressure on the lower back. However, with a strong innerspring layer, this can be prevented as the coils lift the body. Many stomach sleepers suffer from achy backs or hips when they sleep on mattresses that are too soft. However, a hybrid bed should offer enough lift through the hips to prevent this issue.

•Side sleepers usually pair well with a softer mattress because of the fact that their hips and shoulders need more pressure relief. These areas jut out past the core of the body and, as a result, often need a bit more softness for adequate comfort. Luckily a hybrid provides the best of both worlds, offering plush comfort with a supportive core.

•Back sleepers typically like a firmer model so that their hips don’t sink unnecessarily throughout the night. Similar to stomach sleepers, these types need a considerable lift for spinal support, and a hybrid can usually cater to this need.

•Combination sleepers often enjoy a bed with a lot of bounce. This springy quality in mattresses serves combination sleepers well because they need to adjust throughout the night. If combo sleepers rest on an ultra-soft memory foam mattress, this may feel confining for you, as you might feel “stuck” inside the deep hug of this material. In contrast, a hybrid provides more support, literally lifting a sleeper for support and comfort.

How To Choose a Hybrid Mattress

When choosing a hybrid mattress, it’s essential to consider your needs and how you sleep. However, most hybrids will serve a wide range of individuals due to their versatile capabilities.

Back sleepers and combination sleepers will likely need a hybrid mattress with a good mix of support and pressure relief; this is because combination sleepers need the best of both worlds, as well as bounce to readjust without struggle.

Stomach sleepers need to make sure a hybrid bed has enough support because of the way they sleep. The position in which stomach sleepers rest puts pressure on their spine and hips, pulling down on their back. However, with enough robust support, they should rest comfortably, waking up refreshed.

Side sleepers should look for a quality combination of soothing pressure relief and robust support. Sleeping on your side is considered an excellent position for spinal alignment, as many chiropractors recommend this position.


How Long Will A Hybrid Bed Last?

A quality hybrid mattress should last about 10 years. However, many beds can last for much longer when they are properly cared for or built with high-quality materials. Most hybrid mattresses employ standard memory foam with a combination of innersprings, and combining these strong materials should yield a lifespan of around 10 years before noticing any considerable defection.

Which Is Better, All-Foam or Hybrid?

While foam beds can be great for side sleepers who enjoy plush support, the soft nature of these types of mattresses often doesn’t allow them to last as long as hybrids. Hybrids have a strong innerspring core, and this feature helps to support their frames along with their sleepers, letting them stand the test of time.

Do Hybrid Mattresses Need a Boxspring?

Hybrid mattresses do not need a box spring. Box springs can provide excellent lift and additional support; but, hybrid beds already incorporate this function, negating the need for a boxspring. However, some people find that using a boxspring under a hybrid adds even more comfort.

For over 38 years, Maxzzz has helped people all around the world get more restorative sleep. By providing our customers with expertly engineered sleep products, we hope to foster profound sleep on a global scale. Mattress by mattress, topper by topper, pillow by pillow, we’re sharing the joy of good sleep for the greater good.

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