Christian author and retired U.S. Army officer A. Thomas Kozubal’s new book, ‘Orders: The Christian’s Mission in Spiritual Warfare’ offers a fresh take on the often discussed topic of spiritual warfare from a seasoned military planner’s point of view

HOUSTON, TX, March 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Orders is the second volume of Kozubal’s Spiritual Realities Trilogy, and focuses on the origin of not just spiritual war, but all war. It also connects how the warfare we see in the world relates to spiritual warfare, and outlines how to be victorious in spiritual warfare.

Despite the best efforts of political and civic leaders, our world is steadily becoming a more chaotic and violent place. More than ever before, people are turning their attention away from the political and looking to the spiritual for answers to the problems that affect them from their communities all the way to international conflicts. The first two books in Kozubal’s trilogy provide answers to the questions more and more people are asking.

Mr. Kozubal is a decades-long student of both spiritual revival and military warfare. In Real Revival he addresses what needs to happen when the experience of the spiritual ‘outpouring,’ such as the recent one at Asbury University, begins to fade from memory. He explains what a response to these ‘mountaintop’ experiences should look like in everyday life. In practical detail, Kozubal outlines what a successful spiritual life in the ‘valley’ should consist of after we come down from the ‘mountain.’

A part of life’s ‘valley’ experience is the reality of spiritual warfare, that conflict inside, that everyone deals with each day. Unfortunately, many do not see spiritual warfare like this. Many choose to see it as an abstract religious or philosophical idea or, to not see it all. Sadly, this is true even of many who profess to be Christians. To that end, in Orders Kozubal shares this observation, “I am saddened by the state of the Christian ranks. I am troubled by our fitness to fight. And I am maddened by the victories her adversary enjoys. I am angered by the souls the opposing army snatches and snuffs with alarming ease and regularity.”

What you will find unique in Orders is an approach to the topic of Spiritual Warfare that is rather unusual. As a career military planner and leader of soldiers, Kozubal employes the use of a military analogy to explain the spiritual warfare. It is a framework that is easy enough to understand even in the midst of a battle!

His conversational, thought-provoking, and engaging approach to writing and relating to others have helped his teams and colleagues grasp complex and often confusing concepts for over 30 years, and he applies those same hallmarks to his examination and explanation of God’s Word as it relates to daily life.

Mr. Kozubal holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Organizational Development from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, as well as a Master of Arts in Administration(M.A.A.) with a concentration in Organizational Culture from Incarnate Word. He graduated with distinction from both programs and was recognized as the Outstanding Student in the M.A.A. program in 2009. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Both Real Revival and Orders offer a fresh and unique look at increasingly relevant spiritual topics in modern culture. They are sure to be valuable resources for theologians, historians, and anyone interested in learning more about fundamental spiritual realities.

Orders: The Christian’s Mission in Spiritual Warfare will be hitting all top book publishing platforms in 2023, including Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Press, among many others.

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Here are the links for the book: Real Revival – THE PORTRAIT AND PRACTICE OF SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE.

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