Patifurno, pioneers in the outdoor design scene

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Outdoor Decor For Style Enthusiast

We offer some of the latest outdoor furniture design, made it easy to access, and update you on the latest industry trend. With that, your dream outdoor furniture style can finally become a reality from wherever you are.

What We Do

Our designer teams stay ahead of the latest industry trend to provide the best furniture, furnishing, and exclusive styles native to our brand.

Our mission is to make you continuously fall in love with your home. Join our community and get inspired.

Unique Designs

Every piece of our beautiful furniture began with a designer passionate about comfort, beauty, and craftsmanship. Our designers are attentive to details so every area of our decor and furniture has been cautiously considered – from the aesthetics to the livability and function.

And because our in-house teams strictly designed our collections, each of our products are unique and not available elsewhere.

Top Grade Outdoor Furniture

Our design team kept you, your style, comfort, and longevity in mind when designing every item on our furniture collection.

We start and finish with top grade materials – from reliable teak to highly cleanable performance fabrics. In addition to that, we tweak and adjust each aspect of the pieces, from the weave of the wicker to the curve in the arm, until we achieve a supreme comfort and unique style.

After Sale Customer Care

We promise to happily meet our customer’s expectations. Not only do we sell outdoor furniture but we also follow up with our customer care team. In addition, our items are backed up with warranty.

Ready To Serve You

Magic happens when creativity meets expertise. Contact us in store – or we’ll meet you from your home comfort – for adequate help on your outdoor furniture projects.

We’re a firm believer of the extreme values of quality service and commitment to our products and customers. Our goal is to make traditional outdoor furniture that is fun to use and outlived by everyone.

More than a decade since we started and we don’t stop at making the best outdoor furniture around.

We’re still located in England, a place popular for its untouched natural beauty, which is evident in our furniture.

For more than a decade, we helped clients live a fun, decent life. Looking to replace your patio cushion?

We’re happy to help. Planning a bulk purchase? We’ll ensure everything gets to you smoothly; thanks to our dedicated associates ready to guide you from the beginning to the end. We’re eager to meet any lead- both small and large.

About Us

We founded Patifurno with the aim to bring life outside. Americans spend 90% of their days indoors. We believe that outdoor furniture is a great idea and it became our clear responsibility to create products that support a better outdoor living.

We firmly believe that there’s no better feeling than being in the company of who and what you love. And our goal is to create an outdoor environment that you’ll love to be in, whether it’s for family entertaining moments or for some quiet meditative activity.

From accessories to furniture to holiday decor, everything we design keeps you, your family, and style in mind.

Our Story And History

Like many businesses out there, Patifurno started with an idea, willingness to try, and family support. I’m Jill Parker and I own Patifurno. For over a decade I’ve been privileged to grow in an environment where the utmost priority is to improve customer’s quality of life by helping them experience comfort and relaxation. Our prime focus over the last decade is to provide customers with a reliable shopping experience. We approach production and retail in a simpler way.

My roots in outdoor decor run deep. I was born into a family business that deals in all things residential including houses, hotels since 1986. As a young promising man raised among people who are pioneers in the outdoor design scene, starting Patifurno was like a natural evolution for me. Patifurno is named after my grandfather, Patifurno. Our story started back in 1989 when a group of college friends on a walk, decided to sit and enjoy some outdoor view. The bench on which we sat got our attention – made with quality solid iron, and a perfect fit for an external environment. We found out that the bench has been around for more than a hundred years. But, it looked a lot newer, while it was obvious that it’s going to outlive every one of us. This made us think about the benefits of having lasting outdoor furniture. And then the birth of our idea.

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