A niche sports brand moving manufacturing back to the US

TEMPE, AZ, May 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Colorado-based sports apparel company, Epix Gear, has announced the commencement of made in the USA production through Race Rabbit, a newly-built facility in Tempe, Arizona.

“Epix has produced in China since 2009. We made the decision to move production back to the US as the business landscape has changed and US production is now a good choice for small, niche manufacturers,” said Jarek Barc, President at Epix Gear. “Through moving our production, we will support new jobs and growth in the local economy. It’s a move that resonates with our clients.” When asked about the cost competitiveness of US-sourced production, Barc commented: “US manufacturing is cost competitive for a specific product range and requirements. When it comes to custom-designed performance sports apparel in small or even individual order quantities, we’ve found that there is no longer a relevant cost advantage to offshore production.”

Epix Gear is a family-owned and operated brand that creates custom-designed triathlon, cycling, and running apparel for individuals and teams. The Race Rabbit facility, established in 2019, is specifically designed for the new custom apparel landscape. “Our US production will allow unparalleled flexibility and speed,” said Barc. “With our partnership with Race Rabbit, Epix can expand it’s ability to offer an even more personalized experience, with customization options on retail apparel, tailored fit, and production view which will allow customers to see photos and videos of their product as it’s being created, not to mention shorter lead times and a quicker response. This transparency in production is especially unique; the production space has always been considered a ‘black box’ because brands didn’t want to showcase where their products were made. We’ve had a very positive response from customers when they see the work, technology, and attention to details that goes into making their apparel. We are excited to open this new chapter.”

Almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one, according to a Consumer Reports survey. And more than 60 percent say they’re even willing to pay 10 percent more for it. The US government has recently urged US companies to move out of China and reshore jobs, though the vast majority of those who have moved out of China did not reshore manufacturing to the US and instead moved to a different offshore sourcing country.

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