Grassroots Harvest is proud to announce new merchant services to clients & the general public. This strategic acquisition comes on the heels of the management’s decision to develop quicker and more efficient ways to purchase premium natural products.

AUSTIN, TX, October 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — What’s New?

Our new form of merchant service is a game-changer. At the moment, the Kratom and CBD industry are considered to be high-risk by a huge part of the current banking and merchant services institutions making us illegal for numerous services or payment options to ease our operations. In fact, as a Kratom and CBD company, we have often had to deal with institutions withdrawing services from us at a moment’s notice.

To put an end to this, we have acquired a merchant service that will be sure to not only simplify how we operate as a company but change how you purchase your favorite supplements. Our new system involves the use of E-Check rather than the current system that favors credit cards.

Our decision to go this route stemmed from the fact that the acquired company is a stable and safe company that is currently being used widely within the industry. The underlying technology is also incredibly fast and secure ensuring you never have to re-enter your details when you need to make a new purchase.

As a company, we are excited about the immense benefits this new switch would bring to our company and the value you – the client would be able to enjoy as a result of this strategic move. As usual, our goal is always to ensure you have the easiest route to getting everything you need to achieve your wellness needs.

Why The Change?
There are several reasons why Grassroots Harvest has moved forward with new merchant services. Firstly, it is common for businesses in the CBD and Hemp markets to experience loss of banking and/or merchant services. This is an unfortunate fact of life for many CBD businesses, as they are deemed ‘risky’ by many institutions. The option Grassroots Harvest has selected to move forward with has been used by businesses in this field for years. That makes this a very secure and stable option.

Secondly, this decision allows Grassroots Harvest to have a solid merchant service provider in place without fear of losing payment processing at the drop of a hat. For a business growing like Grassroots Harvest, this is a critical part of the decision behind moving forward with E-Check.

Shop and for your natural wellness needs and be sure that your payment information is secure every time you buy.

Want to learn how to use E-Check? Check out their short informational video here! Plus find other useful videos on the Grassroots Harvest Youtube channel.

At Grassroots Harvest, we trust in Mother Nature. That’s why we make our CBD oil just the way we think she’d want it-Pure & Simple.

Our priority is bringing you the best of Nature’s Bounty, harvested sustainably and crafted in small batches in Austin, TX. That way, we can ensure the highest quality from start to finish. We start with 100% organic hemp and add as few ingredients as possible to our products, in order to bring you CBD the way Nature intended-She knows what She’s doing, after all.

Our Founder: Kemal Whyte was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 11 years old. Kemal learned an appreciation for natural health & wellness solutions in Jamaica, and it’s stayed with him his whole life. When his friend and our future CFO, Gavian, told him that CBD was the only thing helping his back pain, Kemal knew it was worth paying attention to- and Grassroots Harvest was born.

Since we opened, it has been our goal to make the highest quality Kratom and CBD products possible and offer them at the lowest prices possible because we believe natural wellness can and should be available to all.

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