The Vancouver-based retailer’s expanded shipping policy will provide customers with greater convenience and broader access to its unrivaled inventory.

VANCOUVER, BC, June 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Haze, a leading Vancouver-based retailer of cannabis products and accessories, is proud to announce that it has expanded its shipping services and is now delivering its wide range of high-quality products throughout the United States. With this move, Haze aims to provide its customers with greater convenience and access to its extensive inventory.

Renowned within the industry as a leading online superstore for cannabis products and accessories, Haze offers an impressive selection of must-have products, including grinders and storage tools, among many others. Each item available on Haze’s website is screened and selected by the company’s expert team and complies with all relevant legal regulations. Haze additionally operates a chain of retail storefronts throughout Vancouver, Canada, and has long been recognized as the city’s leading retailer in the industry.

“Since founding Haze, we’ve become renowned in the industry for connecting consumers with the highest-quality products and accessories,” said Haze CEO Darab Suleman. “As one of the largest online retailers in the space, expanding our shipping services nationwide is a natural next step for us. By broadening our reach, we aim to provide consumers across the United States with an even better range of options as well as a seamless shopping experience.”

In addition to its new expanded shipping, Haze is offering free shipping on any order over $70 USD. To learn more about Haze or to purchase its products, click here or visit Haze on social media.

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