More people are beginning to embrace the idea behind rehab centers. It was erroneously believed that only those suffering from the substance abuse problem are required to enroll in rehab programs, this idea is wrong.

A rehab center is a place for reform. A place that brings an end to your struggle either physically, mentally, emotionally or psychologically. The misconception about rehab center is gradually fading away as the role they play in turning individual’s life around cannot be ignored. They’ve given individuals a new source of hope.

In the 21st century, young people are embracing the idea of enrolling in rehab centers than it used to be the case. Many cities in the United States have one or two rehab centers to care for the need of suffering individuals. Towns like Ohio, Philadelphia and ‘drug zone’ Baltimore have their own share of rehab centers.

For a town like Minneapolis, Minnesota, getting the right rehab center is a challenge, as a there are limited numbers to choose from.

Rehab centers in Minneapolis are few compared to those in other cities.

We have managed to find Rehab Centers in this area.


Progress valley has separate programs for both men and women; this facility provides a safe and sober free environment to individuals who are determined to put their life back on track. They offer in inpatient or residential program to their residents, this will ensure that proper care and attention is given to the suffering individual.

Their treatment plan ranges from individual to groups, with services ranging from one-one counseling, individual treatment planning, as well as individual to group therapy etc.

Their clients receive lectures on the effect of substance abuse and the effect it has on their body system, the mental effect of chemical dependency is also emphasized.

The highly coveted 12 step system recovery method is incorporated among their list of services. Clients health are properly catered for, they are encouraged to participate in sport and recreational activities to keep them active.

Treatment programs are uniquely designed to suit every individual’s need.


Micah House is a rehab center that implements total changes in the life of their client and not just the addiction issue. Micah House is a non-profit drug and substance abuse center located in Minneapolis, with its main source of income, coming from donations from volunteering individuals.

This center specializes in an outpatient program, which is available to addicts or substance abusers within the ages of 18 and above. Their main goal is to create a drug-free environment.


This center specializes in physical rehabilitation; treatment is given under the supervision of certified physicians and specialist. They are highly capable of treating cases like stroke, sports injuries, low back pain, spinal cord injury and cancer.

Their specialists strive to provide a solution to people suffering from problems that affect the efficiency of their body part. The medication prescribed at this center makes recovery easier and faster.


Nuway counseling unit provides care and solution to people suffering from issues like anger, rejection, phobia, anxiety, and other related issues which make the individual feel uncomfortable.
At Nuway counseling center, individuals are offered a long lasting solution to their problem.


Brookhaven is an outstanding recovery center for women suffering from a behavioral disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and emotional trauma. These disorders range from mild to chronic, which if not taken care of may affect the individual negatively. There are many cases of people losing their life as a result of poor management of their disorder.

Brookhaven is highly capable of treating individuals with this disorder, there programs and facilities provide long lasting result in the individual’s life.

Many people have testified to the commitment they show in changing individual’s life around.


Edina care is a nursing home facility located in Minneapolis, for elderly people with deteriorating health condition, and injuries that require treatment or long-term care. Their physicians are available 24 hours a day, attending to every need of their patient.

Other areas they also attend to include birth control, binge eating disorder and type 2 diabetes.