High Intensity Interval Training

It has never been easy to lose weight without losing hard-earned muscles. It takes thrice the time to burn your fat which demands a sufficient amount of hard work. It is up to you what type of body you want to make and choose appropriate form of cardio as per your goal. For the purpose, results and benefits of high intensity interval training are appreciated worldwide.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), also known as sprint interval training (SIT), is a cardiovascular exercise strategy including high intensity exercise followed by less-intense recovery periods. These are short but intense workouts lasting from 4 to 30 minutes. These are speedy in fat burning and provide you a fine athletic body, improved athletic capacity and improved metabolism system. Intensity of HIIT is known to be high but tolerable for general population.


  • Time is worth more than gold in current fast pace world. You save time off the gym with attempting HIIT. You can still burn more fats, boost your metabolism and pound your heart while at home.
  • This intense exercise makes your heart work harder. Hence, is beneficial for heart health. Heart becomes stronger when put it through consistent tough activities.
  • HIIT not only works for particular body parts but also strengthens muscles.
  • The moves in HIIT relieve you of the need for that 30 minutes exercise which only allows you 30 seconds of rest. Moreover, the normal exercise requires extra training too but HIIT doesn’t.
  • Daily gym is not for those on the move. Actors, singers and businessman who need to move country to country find interval exercise feasible for them. They can hit quick exercise sessions even on the road.
  • There comes a point in HIIT when your body consumes more oxygen and metabolism rate increases. This helps in burning more calories, faster.


  • It’s a workout for busy schedule. It is highly efficient as it makes you achieve more progress in merely 15 minutes daily. Moreover, if you use the Tabata training method, you can do it anywhere, anytime. It takes as few as 4 minutes after all.
  • Stopping after 15 minutes of exercise, your body’s repair and recovery cycle initiates. It means your body fat burn more in 24 hours than normal aerobics.
  • It is common perception that feeling your heart would jump out of your chest is not good omen. In fact, when you get accustomed to these workouts, your body becomes able to work twice than before on the same pace.
  • These moves make biking, jumping, swimming, roping and running easy for you. As not only heart rate increases but all muscles of body get into work, making you feel fresh and lively. You don’t have to worry about equipment as it doesn’t require any unlike the endurance training.
  • HIIT engages your body organs into activity. They start working better than before. Human growth hormones (HGH) grow at faster rate slowing down aging process which keeps you younger for longer period of time.

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