Technical translations by professionals

For thirty years our translation agency has been one of the most prestigious in the German market for foreign language services, offering all languages, such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and German etc. During this time we have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge that our customers can rely on at any time when it comes to translation, interpreting and language training for companies. Our translation agency interprets and translates out of and into all languages in the world. When it comes to projects involving languages you can bank on the reliable service and the competent and individual support that we offer our customers.

Our focus

Our satisfied customers come from all areas of the economy and public life, from large industrial companies, banks and international organisations to management consultancy firms, law firms, advertising agencies and many other sectors. Absolute customer satisfaction is the guiding principle for all our business activities.

Subject areas

However brilliant and polished a translation may be linguistically, it is impossible to guarantee its high quality if the translator lacks the relevant subject-matter expertise. They offers the combination of linguistic perfection and in-depth expertise in all subject areas such as business, technology, law, sport, advertising, the translation of certificates etc. But the borderlines between the different subject areas are blurred. You will often find that a legal text contains numerous technical details. In the case of contracts the ideal translation is only guaranteed if the translator has a good understanding of business and legal matters. When it comes to foreign languages you can bank on our translation service which is individually geared to your particular needs, in terms of both the language and the content.


Our translation agency offers subject-matter expertise and both linguistic competence: translations in the language pairs, German / English, German / French, Spanish / German, French / German, English / French, English / Swedish, French / Spanish and other pairs. We can provide you with the right specialised native speakers and translators for any language pair you require. The translations can also be carried out by translators who live in countries of your choice, such as Brazil, Russia, China and many other countries. Simply give us a call or use our online enquiry form – one of our client advisors will get in touch as soon as possible to arrange an appointment to discuss your particular needs.