Expanding the distribution of GRE Alpha products and support of GRE Manufacturing services

HONG KONG, February 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — GRE Alpha and GRE Manufacturing are excited to announce a partnership with Marubeni Information Systems (MSYS) for the future distribution of GRE Alpha products and support of GRE Manufacturing services. The collaboration originated in Japan and ASEAN region, but given the reach of the two firms, the impact will be global.

Marubeni Information Systems delivers high-value solutions and services, serving a wide variety of needs for various clients. They provide leading-edge technologies that help differentiate their clients with extensive knowledge of different industries, including:
– Manufacturing
– Distribution
– Services
– Finances

They’re also a one-stop shop for system consulting, design, construction, operation, and maintenance. These attributes support GRE Alpha’s mission: Using innovation to provide a seamless experience in lighting system integration and set-up—without compromising on reliability or performance.

MSYS currently distributes GRE Alpha’s EnOcean, BLE, and ZigBee products. The collaboration supports current and future wireless lighting control products. It also gives global OEM/ODM contract manufacturer GRE Manufacturing access to Marubeni Information System’s current customer network. That pairing will open the door for business opportunities providing turnkey design & manufacturing services.

As always, GRE Alpha is looking forward to the future with this new partnership.

You can find more information about GRE Alpha’s partners and Marubeni Information Systems on their website: Marubeni Information Systems

GRE Alpha® Electronics, Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of solid-state lighting power supplies and lighting control accessories, which are the lifeblood of indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems. Their superior performance products are the power behind LED lighting systems. GRE’s unique modular approach allows its dimming modules and drivers to be used either with used in either new or existing installations.

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