The IntuitiveLabs Monitoring as a cloud service, enables securing VoIP services using a sophisticated AI-based monitoring and Fraud detection solution and still comply to GDPR.

FALKENSEE, GERMANY, May 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — IntuitiveLabs announced today that its VoIP Monitoring and SIEM service is now publicly available.

Recent studies have indicated, that VoIP services are not only becoming increasingly complex but are also increasingly becoming the targets of Fraud attempts and Denial of Service attacks. Proper management and protection can only be provided through detailed knowledge of VoIP standards and technologies and thorough monitoring of VoIP traffic. Detailed knowledge is, however, an expensive and rare resource and often not available for smaller and mid-size companies. Thorough monitoring on the other hand often poses a severe intrusion on the privacy of the end-users.

“Instead of requiring a VoIP monitoring solution and local expertise for managing and controlling the used VoIP solutions, customers of the IntuitiveLabs are offered a zero-trust subscription-based cloud service that aims at simplifying their VoIP infrastructure and providing them with a thorough and detailed overview of all operational and security related information of their VoIP infrastructure. All this while maintaining the privacy of the customer’s data!” said Dr. Dorgham Sisalem, CEO of IntuitiveLabs GmbH.

Data collected by the IntuitiveLabs platform is anonymized before being saved to our cloud databases. All analysis and monitoring functions are conducted on anonymized data and hence maintain the privacy of the customer’s data. Using this anonymized data, daily overviews of conducted calls, service interruptions, and service quality are generated. Alarms are sent to inform subscribers about certain events such as the failure of a component or a fraud attempt and the availability of the customer’s VoIP solutions and SIP trunks. Our cloud service uses specialized VoIP analysis algorithms and machine learning tools to provide fraud and DoS detection and protect VoIP infrastructures by controlling firewalls and SBCs.

By subscribing to the IntuitiveLabs Monitoring as a cloud service, customers will be able to secure their VoIP services using a sophisticated AI-based monitoring and Fraud detection solution. Furthermore, they also benefit from a Simplified Infrastructure as they need to worry about one component less and still pay less as the service is offered as a subscription-based pay-as-you-grow model.

Founded in 2020, Intuitive Labs has established itself as the first address for GDPR-compliant VoIP monitoring. With its subscription-based cloud solution, IntuitveLabs enables enterprises and VoIP service providers to anonymously monitor and analyze their VoIP traffic while maintaining end-user privacy.

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