Not allowing circumstances to derail something the entire world needs, IPGen launches it’s multi-layered, end-to-end patent lifecycle management platform in the midst of a world full of uncertainty.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD, October 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — An overwhelming flux of a new progression amongst the entrepreneur has been found, as we enter the days of the unknown. A global pandemic is amongst us, and will be active until there is no more. There are moments when one may feel this is the right time, for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, we are a resilient species that holds on to belief as we look to a new day. There have been many defeats, but many gains to come that will forever leave a stain of hope, that is shatter proof. Technology is advancing in many ways one could imagine as fast as we age, while people yearn more for rapid speeds and results.

The time is now…as IPGen launches its multi-layered platform. IPGen provides an end-to-end patent lifecycle management platform, with social network and collaboration features, that uses state-of-the-art technologies to streamline and automate aspects of the patent process, saving time, money, and associated risk. The overall vision is to connect the world through innovation!

James Brinkley II, Esq., Founder & CEO at IPGen and former IP Attorney at IBM, noticed flaws in a severely submerged patent system that have never been addressed until now. IPGen’s multi-layered platform benefits anyone navigating through the patent process: from inventor to startup…from law firm to in-house legal/corporation…from university to government agency. Further, the platform allows you to go as far as you’d like through the patent process…(1) alone; (2) with a fellow innovator(s); or (3) with an attorney. Check out the website to see the many other features, as well as all of the other uses of the platform.

All are welcomed to register and join our highly anticipated launch event on 10/5/21 at 6pm EST.

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We Are Tech!

James Brinkley II, Esq., a Norfolk, VA native and Founder & CEO at IPGen, was an IP attorney at IBM for several years prior to parting ways with the tech conglomerate. James had a vision for everyone to have access to the patent system, furthering inclusion and not alienation. Anyone involved in the patent process will benefit from IPGen’s platform. These highlight the principles upon which the IPGen platform was created. Later, James partnered up with Jason Teal, a Cleveland, OH native and, now, Co-Founder and VP, Marketing at IPGen, to help add a creative twist. Jason has produced a variety of marketing content for high-end clients, worked with startups in various industries, and created digital content that would assist with the co-branding/merger of Fortune 500 companies.

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