Now, you can learn various Korean culture including Korean Traditional Culture and NU’EST Performance via Online King Sejong Institute Platform.

SEOUL, KOREA, December 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — King Sejong Institute Foundation – Various Korean Culture Courses are available via Online King Sejong Institute Platform.

Now, you can learn various Korean culture including Korean Traditional Culture and NU’EST Performance via Online King Sejong Institute Platform.

If you want to enjoy Korean culture deeply, there are plenty of reasons to choose Korean Culture Courses on the platform of the King Sejong Institute Foundation (

The King Sejong Institute Foundation, a public organization under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, is spreading Korean language and culture online.

To promote the beauty of Korean culture widely, Korean culture courses (E-Class and Cyber culture course) are being offered online, and there is a special event going on to give ‘Tablet PC’ to an outstanding learner until December 16.

There are E-Class special courses and Cyber Korean culture courses in the Korean culture curriculum. The E-class special courses are open to the students of King Sejong Institute, while the Cyber Korean culture courses are available to anyone. Both are regular courses, allowing students to take and watch classes at any time.

The E-Class special courses offer a variety of Korean and Korean culture courses for King Sejong Institute students, and you can select continents, countries, and institutes to watch.

In the Cyber Korean culture courses, interesting Korean cultures can be seen in several different ways, consisting of five kinds of Korean culture: Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes), Korean food, crafts, housing culture, traditional wedding and clothing. In addition, a total of 45 courses can be offered, including Korean food, Hanji(traditional Korean mulberry paper) and two Taekwondo episodes produced by the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation and K-stay. There are also numbers of performance videos of “2020 King Sejong Institute Hangeul Day Culture Garden”, a non-face-to-face concert for Hangeul Day on October 9, including performances by NU’EST, singer Na Tae-joo, Korean fusion music performance team K-pera Lin and Korea national Teakwondo demo team.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy various Korean cultures and receive the special gift tablet pc. You can apply for the event by signing up as a member ( selecting Korean culture course you are interested in. And after taking the course, capture __My class__ page, and send the screenshot by e-mail ([email protected]) with your name and address until the 16th.

Through this event, it is expected that lots of people all over the world will be able to see, feel and learn about various Korean cultures from the tradition to the new generation such as NU’EST.

Online King Sejong Institute is an online Korean learning service where you can take Korean classes and study using your PC or mobile. You can use various educational content that fits your Korean level and learning goals.

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