Mohammad Reza Dezfulian, The automotive and after-sales services expert and heavy trucks master has given a speech on the importance of technology advancement in the transportation industry.

DUBAI, UAE, January 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mohammad Reza Dezfulian stated that the transport networks, as well as public and private groups, are aware of the importance of technology in creating a new era of faster and more efficient transportation, and in this way, they are trying to snatch the ball from each other. Today, in the age of technology, less business a job can be found that has not been affected by technology and information technology. Road transport, both freight and passenger, has also been affected by information technology. In the not-too-distant future, the roads under the feet of car wheels will see many technological changes. From the production of energy by the movement of wheels on the road to the types of equipment installed on highways, roads, and streets, it promises smart roads that will be created for us due to the advancement of technology. In smart roads, actions traffic control such as speed cameras, automatic deflection signals, and warning signs for dangerous conditions will be standard road features. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian added that on these roads, with the help of technology, by integrating data from meteorological reports, vehicles, and peak traffic, road conditions become more controllable, vehicle carbon footprints are reduced, and most importantly, travel is safer. Modern urban areas face fundamental challenges. Air pollution, inefficient energy consumption, and outdated transportation infrastructure all play a big role in preventing the achievement of optimal and sustainable transportation in cities. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome these problems with the help of technology.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian stressed that the issue of urban traffic management has been a major feature of urban infrastructure for many years, but a new wave of technologies led by the intelligent transportation system, or ITS for short, and increasing data sharing is creating a new life in urban centers. These smart cities allow people to manage their routes and travel times by sharing data and controlling traffic by choosing alternative routes. In addition to making trips safer and allowing traffic management for people on the road technologies such as trackers allow transport fleet managers to have better and more control over their fleet components and members, and also show how much has been traveled and how much is left. It also allows drivers to find the exact route. Drivers can use intelligent applications to be aware of the status of factors affecting their activity, such as weather conditions, road traffic conditions, road breakdown conditions, and therefore using technology, it is possible, precise planning and scheduling are also provided for road transport drivers. Technology has brought us intelligent transportation. With the help of technology and using websites, applications, and smart applications, as we see online orders today, in the future, we can see a more advanced form of this type of remote order for heavy-duty trucks and trailers as well to choose a trip on the application for transporting a commodity within the country with very reasonable pricing.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian continued that by eliminating the dimension of location and distance, it is easy to use technology for remote orders. This will increase the satisfaction of drivers, customers, and shipping companies. Technology has also made many things easier for shipping companies. They have to go in person to get documents such as the bill of lading, but technology connects shipping sites to the organizations they want, greatly reducing the speed, cost, and time of doing so, and saving a lot of money. In hybrid transportation technology, it is possible to use road trailers instead of train carriages, and thus, with one load, it is possible to transport goods on the road and rail. And the provision of related infrastructure equipment is eliminated. Also, in this method, the time of moving the goods and transporting the goods has been reduced to a minimum due to the elimination of additional operations.

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