If you’re in the branch of real estate you probably heard of a new trend that is catching up right now. It’s more then a simple idea and a lot of people say it’s the actual future in selling and buying houses. The technology is called real estate virtual tour and it can be used even by a teenager. Is the next step in the industry oh house selling like UBER was the next step in taxi. It feels the gap between constructors and buyers.

The first category can use the software for prospecting the clients they need and the buyers can use it for inspecting the properties online. Let me explain the process that is used by the real estate virtual tour. The actual owner of that property makes a lot of pictures inside and outside of it for a proper understanding of it. After that the pictures are send to the developer of that software that used them for creating an online map inside and outside of that house. Everything is ready in no more the 15 minutes and support is offered for every step of the process and even everything is set up, you get marketing tips and help in attracting leads for your offer. An actual marketing team with years of experience is helping you in gathering more interested clients.

After the process is set up, the buyer can access the site using no more than a simple laptop and simple browser or even smartphone. And the tour begins when he enters and ends whenever he wants. Every detail of the inside of the house is visible and can be studied for how long one wants. That means no more real estate agents, no more programming a lot of visits for a simple tour that can be done online. The process now consists only in setting the real estate virtual tour for the seller and visiting the tour for the buyer. No more, no less. That’s what I call the future of real estate.