Together they will expand their best in class SAP Archiving and document management solutions, certified by SAP

BOULDER, CO, December 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Zia Consulting, Inc offers cloud and managed services and SAP Archiving solutions to businesses all over the globe. In a bid to continue to drive value for our SAP customers, Zia proudly unveils its latest SAP archiving solution, set to transform the landscape of enterprise data storage by leveraging native AWS Cloud, and SharePoint repositories.

Their partnership with aqipro allows them to seamlessly integrate content with SAP ECC6 and SAP S/4HANA. Aquipro’s solution, aqilink, enables effortless exchange of documents and data across multiple business applications. With more than 25 years of SAP expertise and over 15 years of experience in ECM platforms, their solution adheres to the latest, modern, and open standards that cater to customer needs and interact with popular content repositories and high-performance object storages.

“We’re excited to introduce this innovative solution that addresses the pressing need for efficient data management in today’s dynamic business environment, and ensure our customers have a financially viable path to leverage SAP S/4HANA”, said Mike Mahon, President and CEO of Zia Consulting.

Zia’s cutting-edge solution provides a myriad of benefits to companies, including:

– Optimized Performance: Zia’s SAP archiving solution significantly enhances system performance. This ensures smooth operations and provides faster access to critical information by offloading document attachments, as well as historical and infrequently accessed data.

– Cost-Efficiency: Say goodbye to unnecessary storage expenses within your SAP environment. Zia’s solution helps reduce storage costs by efficiently managing data. This allows organizations to strategically allocate resources and provide external access to SAP document attachments.

– Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Seamlessly adhere to regulatory requirements and mitigate risks associated with data management. Our SAP archiving ensures data integrity, security, and compliance with industry standards.

– Streamlined Operations: Simplify workflows and streamline processes by decluttering your SAP systems. This solution enables smoother data access and retrieval, fostering increased productivity across departments.

– Scalability and Future-Proofing: As your business grows, so does the volume of data. Our solution scales effortlessly, ensuring that your SAP system remains agile and future-ready.

The aqipro SAP archiving solution represents a leap forward in data management technology, empowering businesses to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and bolster compliance efforts.

“Get back to the roots… SAP has perfect standard integration options to control the aging of SAP data as well as managing content connected to SAP – utilizing these standards via our SAP certified product offers a fast implementation cycle without hidden complexity,” said Volker Blaesig, CEO aqipro .

“The old guard SAP Archiving solutions have become increasingly expensive over the past two decades. In many cases, this has cannibalized the customers’ financial benefits. We’re thrilled to offer aqipro solutions to our customers because they provide an incredibly cost effective, cloud native, and agile approach to containing the soaring costs and database growth associated with SAP”, said Jeremy White, Director, SAP, Cloud and Managed Services, Zia Consulting.

For more information about Zia’s SAP archiving solution, please join our webinar on February 6, 2023 at 1:00pm EST.

About Zia
Zia Consulting is an award-winning system integrator of content management, process management, document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. They address the needs of enterprises to better manage, process, and secure documents by automating business processes and enhancing information governance. Their cloud / managed services and SAP / SAP Archiving offerings, as well as their vertical accelerators for industries like insurance, mortgage, accounting, staffing, and telecommunications are utilized by some of the world’s largest companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About aqipro
As a partner of SAP, aqipro is truly focused on integrating SAP with ECM and Cloud Storage. With the experience of more than 25 years, the team developed the SAP-certified product aqilink and offers all related professional services.

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