Sleepy Flyers Club is the Personalized Itinerary Service to Watch

NEW YORK, NY, July 01, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — A new company is on a mission to make stressful travel planning a thing of the past. Sleepy Flyers Club is a new travel company that researches boutique experiences for their customers based on different travel personalities and delivers this information, along with cultural ques and a special feature that is based on the itinerary theme, in a sleek e-magazine. They cater to everyone from the frequent flier to the annual family vacation planner and want to help you find the most interesting way to spend time in your destination, without costing you hours of time and planning burnout.

With lockdowns coming to an end across the nation, people are itching to travel, whether it be right outside their door, or across the country. At the same time, schools have yet to resume, people are either working from home or remain unemployed, and might feel they have even less time on their hands than before quarantine. Sleepy Flyers Club is here to help in the planning of these mini getaways, while still encouraging their customers to plan for international travel in the future. The structure of being able to book an itinerary type by the number of travel days with a focus on any destination in the world allows clients to plan day-trips and staycations with the company, or request an itinerary with a travel date in the future to kickstart their excitement for traveling abroad.

We are all looking forward to traveling again, but we cannot ignore the toll transporting ourselves takes on our Earth. Sleepy Flyers Club recognizes this, and that is why they are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, thus taking responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofits creating positive change. Learn more at

Founder Yasmin Yusuff hopes that Sleepy Flyers Club encourages people to appreciate different cultures, and travel with more purpose. Yasmin took her first passport photo at 13 months old to visit her parent’s country of Guyana and has been interested in traveling and the way people travel since she was able to talk. “Travel is my life. As a first-generation American, I was born into appreciating travel as not only a route to a better life but also a way to educate myself on the beauty of how others live in the world. It opens you up to learning about other cultures and understanding that your way of life is not the way everyone lives, and that’s not only okay, but it is also to be celebrated,” she says. “When I visit a new place or an old favorite, I can marvel at the monuments and landscape, but what ultimately makes me feel connected is speaking to locals about what they love about their homeland. This is what connects us as humans—it is the core fiber of why we choose to travel.”

Yusuff created the 12 different itinerary types that Sleepy Flyers Club offers because she believes categorizing the company’s itinerary options by travel personalities and allowing her clients to book by the day will spur an interest in traveling again for everyone.

In a world that will have to get used to traveling again, Sleepy Flyers Club is here to lend a helping hand. You can “join” the Sleepy Flyers Club by following them on Instagram or Facebook @sleepyflyersclub and ordering your own itinerary on their website:

The team at Sleepy Flyers Club consists of itinerary enthusiasts and travel experts. They will save you time researching boutique travel experiences that are perfectly tailored to your travel personality, allowing you to spend more time on vacation, and less time wondering what to do next. So what are you waiting for? Join the club.

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