This free Trip Planner is a perfect tool for travelers to discover new places, create a personalized itinerary, and have an organized vacation.

PALO ALTO, CA, November 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — TripHobo, the world’s largest online repository of user-generated travel itinerary and trip planning platform, has recently launched a revamped version of its trip planner for its desktop and mobile website users. This visual algorithmic platform comprises of a host of features necessary for the DIY traveler of today’s age. It caters to travelers interested in creating a detailed itinerary of their own, and also to those who would quickly want a suggested itinerary. Its intuitive interface, backed with complex algorithms, completes an entire process within minutes, making it by far the most personalized and easy-to-use planner available online.

“The travel industry is constantly evolving, travelers are looking for evolved solutions when it comes to DIY trip planning. The core of TripHobo has always been trying to provide the most memorable travel experiences. With that aim of maintaining the trust of our users, we started this process of extensively interviewing travelers across the world for the past 12 months to understand the bottlenecks while planning a trip, and to build a trip planning experience as fluid as possible. Based on that research, we have built this revamped trip planner for a hassle-free planning experience,” said Praveen Kumar, founder & CEO of TripHobo.

Considering user preferences
Before itinerary planning, it is necessary to know the kind of trip the user is interested in. TripHobo addresses this by taking the user’s preferences into account and suggests activities and places accordingly to create a completely personalized plan.

Suitable modes of transport
Occasionally, longer journeys tend to take up more time of the vacation, optimizing which would make the experience much better for any traveler. TripHobo does this by suggesting the easiest transport mode first, while also listing the other available options.

Flights, hotels, & tours on a single platform
Collaborating with multiple partners to bring flights, hotels, and experiences on a single platform, TripHobo offers more flexibility and convenience to the user while planning a trip. Users can also add these elements to the plan in case they have pre-booked or wish to book from outside TripHobo’s platform.

Creating a wishlist of activities
TripHobo, with this revamp, introduced a completely new feature which they refer to as the ‘Bindle’. Users can add various points of interest and tours to their bindle, which are later used to generate their travel itineraries.

Improved itinerary recommendation engine
The new TripHobo recommendation engine takes into account every detail provided by the user, combining it with its own data intelligence to generate a personalized trip plan. The engine also gets smarter with time as every itinerary created on the platform adds value to it.

Easier itinerary editing with more flexible customizations
TripHobo has introduced an easy calendar-style layout for its planner. Adding, changing, removing events are intuitive in nature and so are the other options such as adding notes, printing the itinerary and sharing the plan. Users also have the flexibility to add their own events and travel modes wherever necessary.

Trip budget estimator
The in-built budget calculator gives users an approximate cost of expenses on each step, including that of transport, hotels, and tours with the additional ability for users to add custom expenses.

TripHobo’s online platform currently has travel information for over 1 million tourist attractions from 140k+ destinations around the globe, making it a one-stop destination when it comes to trip planning. In addition to this, the newly launched recommendation engine is now armed with features that empower users to create a more personalized trip plan. With improved elements and intuitive interface, the upgraded trip planner, available for desktop and mobile website users, comes as a breakthrough in the travel industry.

About TripHobo:

Founded in 2014, is an innovative trip recommendation portal that understands each traveler is different and focusses to give unique and personalized travel experience to every user. TripHobo now houses millions of user-generated itineraries created by real travelers that can serve as an inspiration to every aspiring traveler. TripHobo can also be used to book flights, hotels, and tours & activities, all on the same platform. Offering multiple travel services, TripHobo aims to provide memorable travel experiences to all its users. For more information, you can visit

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