The poison that is spreading in the air, is the havoc wreck by the nature. Who is responsible for this? There are so many questions but every one is silent here.

Wherever you see today, whether it is a society or environment, everything has become poisonous, where narcotics are emptying the society and the younger generation, while the deadly pollution is casting a horrifying spell.
First of all, let’s talk about the poison that is drunk for the momentary fun, and when a person gets addicted, it brings not only that person but also the entire family and society on the brink of destruction. It is not that this situation is turning ugly now, but since the beginning, these intoxicants, started taking everyone into its grip.
It is not easy for a parent to see their young child, caught in the shackles of intoxicants.

Many stories have come to light where the whole family had to give their lives, due to this addiction. Intoxication does not affect a person physically, but also affects the person mentally. We all know that whenever a criminal case arises, whether it is murder or rape, the culprit is mostly a victim of intoxicants and the increasing number of these crimes makes the environment a fearful and an intimidating atmosphere.

An incident creates so much fear inside us that we see only evil in society. If you look at the perspective, then leaving aside, 2017, there was a reduction in this crime graph, although slowly, in the last 10 years before, except for 2017.

This was due to public awareness of the de-addiction centers or the satsangs but people were giving up this fatal addiction with their will. Similarly, if you talk about the rising effects of pollution, you will feel the same way. Whenever the wind is poisonous, then this pollution does not take a moment to swallow humans.
We all know that there is a need for environmental protection but are there any concrete steps, taken in this direction. To change any situation, one’s own-self needs to be changed and this change has been seen in last 10 years prior to 2017.

After the last year, once again, the increased amount of pollution in the air is proving to be fatal to humans, such that only people are not only just getting sick, due to pollution, but the death rate is also increasing steadily. After all, despite knowing its frightening consequences, we are not trying to stop it.

If you look at the figures, the highest number of deaths in India since 2017 is due to pollution. One reason for this, whether we believe it or not is that there is a sudden reduction in public awareness. There are no two opinions that 2017 that has been a year of upheaval and with many ups and downs. People changed mindset, many big decisions came and many babas were put in jail. Ram-Rahim’s name comes on the top here. Now court gave its decision, the media played its role and it is completely true that his followers used to play their full participation in the public welfare activities, just on his name.

Today, the way the pollution and filth is filling the metropolis with deadly diseases, to combat this, the supporters of Ram-Rahim, would have got such results, by uniting in lakhs, which was not possible by any organization or government. Huge Piles of dirt, the size of whole city, would be picked up cleared. Every year, lakhs of plants were planted, by countless people, as a gift to their dad (Baba Ram Rahim). Not only that, according to the statistics, more than 12,000 deaths were due to the amount of pollution in the air last year.
In terms of allergies there was a sudden increase in the incidents of these too. Due to the burning of left over straws (parali), by people, increased smog in the entire environment, which caused an increase in respiratory diseases, viral fever, and also caused adverse effects on the kidneys.

The government has been working in its own way, but if we talk about the mentality of the people that many of these refrained from the burning of the straws, since so many years, as they were bound to the promise of not burning straws, to their Guru (Baba Ram Rahim Ji). Today also, they are refraining from the same.

There is a dearth of good Leaders who could motivate the masses towards the good of society. Leadership plays an important role for any mass movement. Where there is no leadership, disorder comes, this is the reason that the damage caused by the burning of left over straws, last year. The effect of which appeared as a widespread smog. After looking at all these facts, it is understandable that the motivation that inspired these people to discharge their social responsibility is there in front of them.

Just like a diya is needed for worship, it is also important that there is a leadership for public awareness. If compared to the previous years, whether it was pollution or drug de-addiction campaigns of Dera Sacha Sauda, both were very effective in limiting the numbers. The drug de-addiction camps were playing an important role in preventing the drug abuse, but since the intervention of administration in the dera, all these activities have fallen apart. Pollution increased the outbreak of diseases and the use of intoxicants also increased. The efforts of government organizations are also proving to be unsuccessful in preventing this, the only reason is that the people of our country are looking for a light and to illuminate the path, to overcome the obstacles, It is also necessary that someone lights the lamp. It is now to be seen if the society accepts life with these evils or seeks a way out of them.

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