KABUL – Gunmen raged a guest house well known with foreigners in the Afghan capital on Wednesday evening, killing least five individuals including an American and three Indian citizens, authorities said.

The assault began at around 08:30 PM the last night  when three shooters launched a baldfaced strike at the Park Palace Guesthouse, situated in the Kolola Pushta territory of the Kabul city.

The assault finished around after five hours as ambulances hustled out of the region.

The fierce strike was reminiscent of two assaults by Taliban fighters in Kabul a year ago, one on an restaurant and another on a hotel.

Sources have told Chicago News that India’s agent could have been the planned focus as the Indian embassy is in the same zone.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in China on a three-day visit, tweeted toward the end of last night: “In the aircraft I got news about the attack in Kabul. Am concerned about the situation & I pray for everyone’s safety (sic).”

Amin Habib, a US native from Los Angeles, told The Associated Press that a party was going ahead at the hotel to respect a Canadian when the shooters raged the guesthouse. He said many people, including foreigners and U.S. citizens, were inside the hotel at the time.

U.S. Government office representative Monica Cummings said in an email explanation that a U.S. resident was executed in the assault, in spite of the fact that she had no further points of interest and did not identify the victim. She said the U.S. Consulate was in close contact with Afghan authorities and was attempting to get more data. “Our thoughts are with the families of the victims,” she said.

Nobody claimed responsibility regarding the assault, however the Taliban have assaulted guesthouses before in Kabul.

Afghan security forces have been attempting to battle off Taliban assaults subsequent to U.S. furthermore, NATO constrains formally finished up their battle mission toward the end of last year.