Felice Hightower Britt Set to Launch the Highly Anticipated Brand This Fall

MATTHEWS, NC, November 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The much-anticipated launch of the Be B.I.G. brand is set to take place on Thursday, November 30th from 6-8:00 pm at the Gallery at Morning Star, 12509 Idlewild Road, Matthews, NC 28105. This event promises an evening of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love, marking the beginning of a transformative movement. To secure a space at the event, please email Felice directly at [email protected].

The Be B.I.G. launch party will be a public event welcoming friends, family, and a diverse group of over 100 individuals, including members from the press, local churches, and various women’s organizations.

About Be BIG:

Be BIG is a transformative brand founded by Felice Hightower Britt, dedicated to addressing and overcoming challenges related to racism, women’s issues, spirituality, violence, mental illness, substance abuse, and parenthood. Through inspirational content and a commitment to healing, Be B.I.G. empowers individuals to live a life of purpose and authenticity.

About Felice Hightower Britt

Recognized by Psychology Today, TCM, NBC, and CBS, Felice has created a community of empowered women who are ready to receive life-changing tools that will uplift, encourage, and inspire them to live their biggest and boldest life. Felice believes that together, we can overcome obstacles, break down barriers, and achieve our greatest potential.


Book Cover Voting:
Attendees will have the unique opportunity to vote on the cover design of Felice’s upcoming book, a pivotal work encompassing themes of racism, women, spirituality/religion, inspiration, violence, mental illness, healing, and parenthood. The book will be available for purchase, and a sign with a QR code will facilitate easy access to secure a copy.

Felice’s Talk:
The event will kick off with an introduction of Felice, the visionary behind Be B.I.G. Felice will share her personal journey, delving into the challenges of her upbringing marked by domestic violence and the transformative power of forgiveness. She will speak about her experiences and the motivation behind her commitment to breaking generational curses.

Be B.I.G. Outcomes:
Attendees will be invited to participate actively in the collective journey by engaging in social media contests, and supporting pre-orders. The event aims to inspire individuals to embark on their path to a B.I.G. life.

Interactive Photography and Challenges:
Attendees will be challenged to identify their personal “table” and commit to taking one actionable step towards their dreams today. The event will emphasize the importance of appreciating the gift of the present moment.

Permission Slip Gift:
Each attendee will receive a unique bookmark as a permission slip, symbolizing their commitment to being B.I.G. in their lives. The bookmark will serve as a tangible reminder of the transformative power within each individual.

Join us on November 30th as Felice celebrates the launch of Be B.I.G., a movement that transcends boundaries, inspires change, and encourages everyone to embrace their true potential.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Whitney McDuff
[email protected]

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