Dotcom billionaires are developing long distance spaceships. They won’t stop with just building the ships to get there; they’ll want to own the destinations too.

KEY WEST, FL, January 31, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Trips to Mars may be starting-up within this decade since the SpaceX corporation is building very large rocket ships it calls “Starships” in Brownsville Texas while reporters stream live video, 24-7, of the road to Mars. Their website states their goal is to produce “the world’s most powerful space launch vehicle ever developed, a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond.”

SpaceX is owned by a former World’s Richest Person, Elon Musk.

Jeff Bezos, the owner of, is a multibillionaire who is also building a reusable orbital rocket that will encourage Lunar and Martian travel.

Richard Branson is a multibillionaire developing spaceliners that can fly across the Atlantic Ocean in two hours by hop, skip and jumping over the threshold of space where there’s no air resistance.

These are ambitious men who keep reaching higher.

“Brave New Mars” is a just-launched science fiction novel that proclaims that Mars Life will be acquired by billionaires who will establish another Corpocracy there, a government where Commerce runs everything, instead of a Democracy where the people are allowed to rule their own destiny.

The author, Somerset Meece, grew up in the Air Force during the dawn of the jet age and expected aerospace technology would have us traveling to Mars long before now. He is a member of aerospace and astronomy societies and loves ‘good’ science fiction movies and that is how this novel reads. Somerset sharpened his novelist’s pen on his debut novel titled “Tin Can,” about a destroyer he served on during the Tonkin Gulf Incidents of 1964 that provoked an unjust war.

Blue Ink Reviews says that “Brave New Mars is a high tech, futuristic, rocket-head drama, coated with a thoughtful grasp of the human psyche and examining the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power and how it consumes the freedom of its victims.”

The author’s writing style surfs the new wave of science fiction; “cozy” scifi. It entertains and informs and leaves the readers bigger than they were when they started. It intrigues the intellect more than it stimulates the emotions of blood lust. It goes somewhere worthwhile rather than baffling the reader with mindless carnage.

“Brave New Mars is available from Amazon in hardcover for $25.02 and in soft cover and Kindle digital reader format.

Contact: Allen ‘Somerset’ Meece, Publisher
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ISBN softcover 9798987065501, hardcover 9798987065518

Will Billionaires Buy Mars?
by Allen ‘Somerset’ Meece

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