Chicago, IL, October 25, 2017 –(– Svendsen’s work characterizes itself by his response to material and unconscious experiences. His creative process begins with nonlinear thinking; sculpting Primitives, forms with individual meaning that function as interchangeable parts. Primitives are a visual language through which he develops and visually unpacks his unconscious thinking. As the work is created, it seemingly formulates its own narrative, while Marshall rearranges, replicates, dissects and combines, the blending of organic and geometric forms.

The sculptures are rooted in the human condition: The content and context of his work revolves around the human experience of space, technology and the body as our dwelling. They explore how we manipulate and adapt to our environment and emotional connections. Marshall juxtaposes the degradation of time on the objects with the density of material. The use of bronze solidifies and memorializes the work into a relic, a new form that has accumulated and revealed

antiquity. The weight of his personal narrative and the depth and wonderment of the ancient converge within these bronze forms. The sculptures are rooted in the human condition with respect to our current and future coexistence with technology and its effect on human existence.

A number of his works are available for viewing from November 2-5, 2017 at SOFA Chicago’s Festival Hall at Navy Pier. Located at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. This event is followed by an Open Studio Night on November 4, 2017 (8PM) at Marshall Svendsen’s Studio, True Form Productions, located on 1252 N. Central Park, Chicago, IL 60651

About Marshall Svendsen
Marshall Svendsen is a Chicago based sculptor. He grew up in Connecticut and has been passionate about art from a young age, focusing on drawing and ceramics throughout his formative years. He moved to Chicago in 1999 and is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work emphasizes in figurative and abstract sculpture, as well as mold making and metal casting. He is founder and owner of True Form Productions, a fine art bronze foundry. Over the last 10 years Marshall has been cultivating skills and developing his art practice, utilizing the infrastructure provided by his company. Through True Form Productions, Marshall has worked extensively with the Chicago Fire Department producing over a dozen memorial bronze statues. He has worked with institutions including: The Field Museum; The Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital; The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency; and received a Proclamation from Governor Pat Quinn thanking him for his work restoring Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield IL. He has cast bronze sculpture for several renowned artists including Rashid Johnson, Nick Cave, Preston Jackson, and Virginio Ferrari. His current and ongoing body of work reflects years of meditation on content and aesthetics, as well as a faithful commitment to material studies and the development of techniques.

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