Oxbow, Canada, August 01, 2017 –(PR.com)– Comprehensive GSE portfolio combines best-in-class equipment with state-of-the-art telematics technology to reduce downtime and drive increased profitability

Avro GSE, a division of Saskarc industries, today launched a line of ground support equipment (GSE), a fleet management solution called Avro Tracker and a complementary array of parts and services to provide complete ground handling solutions for commercial passenger and cargo airlines, military stations, ground handling firms, fixed base operators (FBOs) and airports around the world.

Avro GSE brings a number of leading equipment suppliers together to provide a comprehensive GSE portfolio including:
• Automated pushback equipment from Mototok
• Cargo loaders and transporters from Airmarrel
• Open and closed baggage carts from Par-Kan
• Fuel storage solutions from Western Global
• Aircraft heaters from Spencer Manufacturing
• Height access equipment from SafeSmart Aviation
• GSE Telematics technology from Avro Tracker

This best-in-class equipment catalogue is available with a variety of flexible financing options and service programs to best meet the needs of the customer.

Advance GSE Telematics
The centerpiece of the Avro GSE portfolio is Avro Tracker, an integrated fleet management system based on state-of-the-art telematics technology built into each type of equipment. Avro tracker combines advanced GPS tracking technology, cloud-based monitoring and management software and a tiered service and support program to provide a solution that is scalable and adaptable for any size fleet. Avro Tracker is included with all new and used GSE equipment that is purchased, leased or rented from Avro GSE and is also available as an add-on telematics solution for existing GSE to provide customers with a convenient upgrade path.

"Modern airport operations require real-time visibility and control over the health and performance of GSE to maximize its operational efficiency, avoid downtime and ensure the safety of workers on the ground and passengers on the plane,” commented Glynn Haughton, Business Development Manager for Avro GSE. “We help GSE owners and operators to modernize their fleet to the next generation of telematics-enabled equipment by providing them with a smooth, seamless and cost-effective migration path to the future.”

Avro Tracker incorporates several advanced capabilities into a single integrated solution:
• Real-time monitoring and tracking of GSE usage and location
• Maintenance reminder function based on operational hours
• Idle shutdown function for fuel, maintenance and warranty savings
• Equipment fuel level monitoring and management
• Swipe card activation to eliminate unauthorized usage
• Enforcement of prescribed training and safety procedures
• Impact detection for liability safety and risk mitigation
• Operator enforcement of speed limits and seat belt usage
• Verification and access control of third-party service vendors
• Online portal for monitoring, management, reporting and analysis

Avro Tracker provides a total fleet maintenance and management solution that monitors equipment location, operating status and operator usage. It provides alerts whenever a pre-defined threshold violation or event trigger is detected and captures historical data for ongoing reporting and analysis.

Business Impact
Because there is a direct correlation between airline ground time and profitability, the goal of every ground support operation is to minimize ground time while operating in a safe and cost-efficient manner. Avro GSE achieves this goal as it delivers real business impact by reducing equipment downtime, improving equipment performance and ensuring a safe environment.

Together, Avro GSE and Avro Tracker provide the visibility and control needed to manage GSE operations and follow an optimized preventive maintenance schedule that ensures peak operating efficiency as it mitigates the high cost of repairs and unscheduled service calls.

Reduced downtime, higher efficiency and assured safety result from a combination of contributing factors including:
• Reduced idle time
• Minimized fuel cost
• Lower repair costs
• Maximized productivity
• Optimized GSE fleet size
• Extended equipment life
• Verified worker access
• Enforced safety standards
• Avoided equipment damage

Avro GSE equipment, Avro Tracker fleet management, associated parts and services are all available now. Information, pricing and a request for quotation system are available at www.avrogse.com. A demonstration of Avro Tracker is also available upon request.

About Avro GSE
Avro GSE supplies advanced aviation ground support equipment and services to North America and several international markets. We offer the highest quality GSE in terms of performance, durability and serviceability to maximize availability, operational efficiency and ROI. The Avro Tracker fleet management system is a unique and integral part of our ability to reduce downtime, maximize efficiency and ensure a safe environment for ground service workers and airline passengers. Avro GSE is a Saskarc company. Established in 1991, Saskarc has forged a solid reputation as an industry leading modular metal fabricator and equipment supplier for North America and beyond. Visit www.avrogse.com

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