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SEATTLE, WA, February 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Atlantis Exchange is delighted to announce the launch of the AtlantisCEX application on the Google Play Store, catering to global Android users across various smartphone brands.

This new application empowers users worldwide to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their smartphones on the US-based Atlantis Exchange platform. The AtlantisCEX app provides cutting-edge features similar to its desktop counterpart, aimed at enhancing the trading experience for users.

Here are the main features of the AtlantisCEX application:

1. User-friendly user interface:

a) To sign up, users only need to enter a valid email address and a password containing at least 12 characters.

b) To log in, the app saves the user’s ID and password, allowing for instant access without the need to enter login credentials each time.

c) To simplify trading, the app allows users to utilize the Favorites function to save preferred trading pairs on a single page, and the Search function to quickly locate desired coins or trading pairs.

2. Useful menus:

a) The app provides five commonly used one-click menus, including Home, Market, Trade, Wallet, and Referral, on the bottom of the screen.

b) The app offers 14 necessary one-click menus on the top left corner of the screen, enabling users to perform all permitted activities on the Atlantis Exchange.

3. Secure system:

a) The app mandates users to set up passwords consisting of at least 12 complex characters, making them nearly impossible to hack.

b) The app requires users to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) to bolster account security, restricting access to 2FA for account operations only to the user.

4. Advanced technologies:

a) The app utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor all activities on the platform, rapidly detecting and flagging any suspicious or illegal actions for review by the admin team.

b) The app offers a comprehensive protective mechanism to prevent users from incurring losses due to ignorance or incorrect operations, unless willingly or intentionally made by the users themselves.

Download, Signup, and Referral Benefits:

a) By downloading and signing up for the AtlantisCEX mobile application, users can earn a signup bonus valued at approximately $1,500.

b) Through the use of the AtlantisCEX mobile application, users can refer friends to download and sign up, thereby earning a trading commission of up to 30%.

c) The AtlantisCEX mobile application provides users with access to the Atlantes Exchange at any time and from anywhere, as long as they have a smartphone on hand.

Where to Download:

a) To ensure the authenticity and security of the application, Atlantis Exchange exclusively authorizes Google Play Store as the official channel for all Android smartphone users to download the application from.

b) The official URL for the AtlantisCEX mobile application is:

A Significant Milestone:

Atlantis Exchange is thrilled to offer its millions of members these features via a simple and user-friendly smartphone application interface. Through the AtlantisCEX mobile application, users can access their portfolios, make trades, and gain market insights and information from anywhere in the world, using only their smartphones.

The release of the AtlantisCEX mobile application represents a significant milestone in the development of Atlantis Exchange, bringing the lawfully-registered platform closer to its vision of creating wealth for people worldwide, regardless of their social or economic circumstances.

Once the total downloads of the AtlantisCEX mobile application reach 1,000,000 copies, Atlantis Exchange will release all of its functions to maximize the best interests of all members.

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As a professional platform registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United Nations, Atlantis Exchange is a blockchain-based, high-tech and high-speed cross-chain platform that allows MILLIONS of global users to easily buy, sell, store, and earn cryptocurrencies and fiat money based on its secured website and dApp. Any of its activities are in compliance with the U.S. law.

To date, Atlantis Exchange’s Facebook page is ranked # 3 among all the cryptocurrency exchanges’ official pages throughout the Facebook platform.

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