Lindberg postulates a new Law of Thermodynamics: “Entropy is nothing more than missing information”

ORLANDO, FL, March 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Entrepreneur, philanthropist and author Greg Lindberg published his second book in 2022 entitled “633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership,” which explored the time he served at Federal Prison Camp Montgomery in Alabama. The U.S. Fourth Circuit of Appeals reversed his wrongful conviction for bribery and he was released from a federal prison camp after nearly two years in custody.

In his new book, Lindberg says that one of the most profound medical journal articles that he read while in prison was on mitochondrial biogenesis and the power of fasting. The article is “Thermodynamics and Inflammation: Insights into Quantum Biology and Aging” by Nunn, Guy, and Bell, published February 3, 2022, in the journal Quantum Reports.

Lindberg says that the implications of Nunn et al.’s work, combined with the implications of his own research, are profound:

• Billions of your cells replicate every day and this process requires quantum entanglement and quantum tunneling of subatomic particles. Some physicists theorize that quantum entanglement is driven by spontaneous fluctuating wormholes in space-time. Lindberg says that if this theory is correct, then it’s entirely possible that for your DNA to replicate accurately, information must travel via wormholes in space-time. In other words, to stop aging by preventing errors in your DNA replication your body must maintain a state of quantum coherence which allows quantum entangled subatomic particles to receive information via wormholes.
• The second law of thermodynamics, which states that an increase in the combined entropy of a system is irreversible, is wrong says Lindberg. “The second law of thermodynamics fails to account for the fact that entropy is nothing more than missing information,” says Lindberg. Lindberg postulates a new law of thermodynamics, stating that “With sufficient information, entropy leads to syntropy.” DNA replication is an example of this, Lindberg says. Lindberg says that the information to drive syntropy via the replication of new DNA may be supplied via spontaneous wormholes in space-time. This may be the key to curing aging, Lindberg says, noting that with sufficient information your DNA will replicate accurately every time, and the body will not age. Even your telomeres are lengthened in this process per recent studies, Lindberg says. “Aging is nothing more than missing information,” says Lindberg.
• The information required to drive syntropy – and the quantum coherence required to maintain quantum entanglement via spontaneous wormholes in space-time – is driven by prolonged fasting, Lindberg says. “After 4 or 5 days of fasting, your mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) ramps up in volume 20x, which massively increases the voltage generated on the ETC,” Lindberg says. This extraordinarily high energy of “super excited” subatomic particles may allow the mitochondria to maintain the quantum coherence and quantum entanglement required to receive information via wormholes in space-time. This in turn may allow your DNA to replicate accurately and thus prevent your cells from aging, Lindberg says.
• All of this means one thing, says Lindberg: “Only eat on the weekends and during the week your body will repair itself by ramping up quantum coherence and quantum entanglement that in turn will drive the information required to maintain the integrity of your DNA. With sufficient information your telomeres will lengthen, and your DNA will replicate accurately, and you will not age,” says Lindberg.

“633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership,” describing his time at Federal Prison Camp Montgomery can be downloaded at or purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About Greg Lindberg. Greg Lindberg is an entrepreneur, a leadership coach, an author, and a father. To learn more visit Over the course of his career, he has acquired and transformed more than 100 companies that were either failing or underperforming, each time finding and empowering great talent—people with the same commitment to hard work, learning, entrepreneurship, and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Today, these companies are worth billions of dollars and employ 7,000 people. In 2020, he founded Interrogating Justice, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and help advance solutions that hold corrupt government actors accountable, ensure fairness in sentencing, support reentry, and provide access to justice for all. To learn more visit:

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